IoT Solutions

To boost your operational efficiency and to transform your business model and customer experience into a competitive differentiator, we provide innovative IoT powered solutions to our clients since more than a decade. Our vast range of IoT implementations includes cloud-based IoT solutions, intelligent analytics platform, AI/ML integrated solutions and much more.  

Our IoT Services

IoT Consulting and Solutions

Integrate and transform your business operations with reduced resources and time with our IoT solutions. Our IoT ecosystem creates the next-gen connected devices with seamless data management and generates valuable insights. Continuous technology innovation along with recommendation on solution blueprint from our global IoT experts, we take pride in unlocking the full potential of Internet of Things in transforming your enterprise for the next-gen demands. 

Intelligent Applications

We at iSmile Technologies are driven by strategy, business and technology to provide your business the correct IoT landscape to kick start your journey. We offer a range of intelligent applications based on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Conversational AI etc. to meet your current demands of business standards, rapid production and deployment. Our solutions include smart devices, gateway implementations, security architectures, autonomous agents, data storages, micro-services, insight business analytics, exploratory data sciences and much more. 

End-to-end Integration

We help you automate the entire pipeline of your business with multiple smart functionalities to help you foster better growth and maximize efficiency. Enabling IoT adoption for all stages of a business enterprise has been our pride since a decade. We provide you with CRM integration, ERP systems, SMS/mail gateway implementations, billing engines etc. Gain high performance analytics along with insight as a service 24/7 with our IoT solutions offerings.   

Support Services

Executing IoT services and workflows is not an easy procedure. Our support services based on cloud and remote management monitors the IoT implementations at regular intervals with incident management techniques equipped within our services. We seamlessly integrate modern IoT infrastructure to your existing architecture in a way with minimum disruption and man effort. Our plethora of services include automated testing, feature enhancements, re-engineering expertise, and ability to transform your business into ‘smart’ business. 

What Our IoT Experts Say

The Importance of IoT Security

The Importance of IoT Security

This is the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), where automation and digitization of the devices around us are changing the very aspect of our lives. As IoT is changing the ways of livings like never imagined before, it is also attracting cybercriminals to target the...

Passwordless Authentication in IoT Devices

Passwordless Authentication in IoT Devices

Today, a lot of IoT devices come with default passwords and have poor security in place, which could make them vulnerable to cyberattacks. This issue can be solved by using passwordless authentication. It combines biometric authentication second-factor authentication...

Our Success Stories

A Hybrid Cloud-based IoT solution retrieving real-time data from around 4 million mobility devices, running stream analytics, artificial intelligence, and community back to the devices for increasing their productivity and health. 

Cloud-based IoT solution for increasing efficiency of the airline industry, the productivity of airline staff using beacons. 

Cloud-based IoT solution in conjunction with Stream Analytics/Artificial Intelligence for asset monitoring, increasing productivity of heavy-duty equipment, and smart grids. 

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