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What is Restaurant Inventory Management?

Restaurant inventory management involves keeping track of raw and processed goods to plan purchasing, understand food costs, use the raw materials based on freshness and donating the excess food to avoid wastage.

What we aim?

The determination of the level of freshness, stock deficit/surplus, excess food for donation

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Key Features of Restaurant Inventory management

Determination of freshness :

Freshness feature will determine if the produce is fresh depending on temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels

Stock Management:

This feature helps in predicting in how many days an item will need re-ordering. It will give notification to the restaurant staff about ordering the items.

Excess food for donation :

Donation feature recognizes the excess food and connects with NGO’s to donate the excess food.

Technology we work with (with relevant icon cards)

Machine Learning Algorithms

Google Cloud Platform

Your Problems, Our Solutions (individual cards for each problem)

Problem 1 :

Wastage of produce because of the lack of a method to determine freshness
Solution:  Usually the fruits and vegetables have relatively short product availability period. If it goes beyond the expiration date, people throw it away. This causes huge waste of money and resources. So, we need certain freshness monitoring system in the restaurant to save money and health. For this, we use sensors connected to IoT devices to record temperature, humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Based on these attributes, we predict the freshness of the produce which helps restaurants to use the resources efficiently.

Problem 2 :

Poor demand forecasting challenges
Solution:  Good inventory management revolves around a single contradiction of keeping enough stock in the warehouse to ensure the business keeps moving but not enough stock to drain its limited cash reserves. User demand, supplier backorders, warehouse optimization, stock levels are all being guided by machine learning models.

Problem 2 :

Wastage of cooked food in restaurants
Solution:  A lot of food is wasted in restaurants because of improper planning, incorrect prediction and many other reasons. The excess food is acknowledged and connect with NGO's to donate the excess food

An overview of the Stock Management feature UI

For insightful analytics, to see how much food inventory is sitting and how much is in usage. A dashboard in the form of visualisation.

Automatic placement of orders ORDER SMART

Donation of Excess Food

Donation of Excess Food

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