Our experience with IOT solutions spanning over a decade are sure to meet your needs

Our IOT Solutions

We have a decade of experience in implementing IOT solutions , starting with a train communications data solution for enabling machine to machine communication happen between locomotive and back offices etc.. Most of our architects have an electronics background and expertise in IT solutions which helps us provide a robust solution.

Some of our latest implementations include:


A Hybrid Cloud based IOT solution retrieving real time data from around 4 million mobility devices, running stream analytics, artificial intelligence and community back to the devices for increasing their productivity and health.


A Cloud based IOT solution for increasing efficiency of airlines industry, productivity of airline staff using beacons


A Cloud based IOT solution in conjunction with Stream Analytics/Artificial Intelligence for asset monitoring, increasing productivity of heavy duty equipments and smart grids

Our Expertise In IOT

Cloud based solutions

Artificial Intelligence

Gateway Implementations

Advanced Machine Learning

Autonomous Agents and Things

Adaptive Security Architecture

Mesh App ands Service Architecture

Continuous Technology Innovation

Blending technology and business

Building Blueprint for the Internet of Things

Enabling High Availability across data centers, regional compliance

Behavioral Statistics

Internet of things creates an opportunity to measure, collect and analyses an ever-increasing variety of behavioural statistics. Cross-correlation of this data could revolutionist the targeted marketing of products and services.

For example, the combination of analytics for conversion tracking with behavioural targeting has unlocked a new level of precision that enables display advertising to focus on more specific audiences.Big Data and the IoT work in conjunction.

The Internet of Things transforms the media, the corporate world and even governments, opening up a new era of economic growth and competitiveness. It’s importance cannot be understated.

About Us

Ismile Technologies is a worldwide IT administrations organization that represents considerable authority in planning, executing, and overseeing frameworks that legitimately add to income and business achievement.

We assist organizations with receiving troublesome advances to propel development and increment readiness.

Our profoundly gifted specialized groups function as a coordinated expansion of our customers' associations to convey persistent change and continuous operational greatness.


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