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A producer licensed in one state generally has to meet the separate nonresident licensing requirements in other states in order to sell, solicit or negotiate insurance in such other states. Licensing requirements varies from state to state, producers have to submit the same information each time but in different formats or different information, depending on each state’s requirements.  We provide complete insurance management solutions for meeting these requirements. 

Automated Compliance Analysis

We provide real time producer data, automated compliance analysis and distribution channel insights.​

Applying for licenses

IIMS can apply for licences and renewals on behalf of producers.


Dashboard and real time reporting.

Generating Sales

IIMS helps in generating sales revenue for clients.​



IIMS has bulk import capabilities. On the administration view, it can upload 7500 individual records for producers.With IIMS you can submit licenses across multiples states for single producer.​ It can submit licenses for multiple producers (up to 700) in single click. 

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