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Digital Transformation Solutions that DriveYour Business to The Next Level Helping industries modernise their legacy applications and systems

We provide solutions and enable digital transformation across a variety of industry verticals. We undertake complete management of IT assets for these organisations, create the IT roadmap and implement it using the latest tools and technologies. We have helped industries modernise their legacy applications and systems, their data warehouses and other components of their IT infrastructure. We are an expert in all emerging technologies be it AI, ML implementation, Big data architecture and planning, applications and platform management and modernisation and so on.

We offer a

comprehensive range of IT solutions and services for industries like

Healthcare, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Logistics, Real Estate, Education, Hospitality, retail, telecom, Publishing, Manufacturing, and lot more. We offer a suite of products and solutions specific to the IT requirements of the clients.

Over the years we have successfully completed more than 100+ cloud migration projects, 200+ digital transformation projects,60+ platform modernisation projects and 70+ enterprise data science projects. We leverage our experience of 20 years in the field of IT to bring solutions that can maximise returns for the organisation.

Industries we serve….

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We have a suite of healthcare products that helps in monitoring patient’s conditions, enables having consultations with doctors, enables detection of skin cancer, detect Covid symptoms and help hospitals take care of patients in a better manner.


Our Site Reliability Engineering services help in driving clarity of metric-based reporting, enable proactive issues resolution alongwith undertaking complete CI/CD pipeline creation.

Education & eLearning

We have brought for students a live tutor that would be answering their questions regarding their coursework. Alongwith that we have brought School Management system that would help teachers and staffs monitor student’s progress

Financial Services

We have brought for investors and financial institution IFRS-17 product that would help them in IFRS accounting calculations and maintain compliance

Retail & Ecommerce

For retail and e-commerce, we have e-commerce bot for attending customers and recommending them products based on their budget and others. We have also brought a user engagement bot to map the user’s interaction with your website and customer spend prediction bot


We provide complete infrastructure management services be it backup and recovery, service management, digital workplace services, network management, and more.
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