Heath Care And Life Science Analytics

Our Digital Health Products solves the challenges associated with managing software licenses held by users across an organization .

Heath Care And Life Science Analytics

Why Health Care and Life Science Analytics?

Automation in health care industry is in boom now a days. There is no scope for human error when it comes to health. This product will reduce the effect of middleware between the patient and the doctor. Whenever the patient is unstable, we will notify the doctor. Analysis of the patient through his/her vitals and through the facial expressions will give us the edge of better predicting the patient’s condition. The Power BI visualization will help doctors understand what the patient is going through in runtime.

What we aim?

Our product will help reduce the unnecessary resources currently used in the hospitals

It will also enhance the connection with the patient proactively.

The visualization provided by our product will help the analytics part of the hospital stats

Technical Video

Key Features

IOT Model:

IoT enables healthcare professionals to be more watchful and connect with the patients proactively. IoT devices tagged with sensors are used for tracking real time heartbeat rate, blood pressure rate and other monitoring equipment.

Face Expression Recognition:

We are presenting the real time facial expression recognition of eight most basic human expressions: ANGER, DISGUST, FEAR, HAPPY, NEUTRAL, SAD, SURPRISE, PAIN. This model can be used for prediction of expressions of both still images and real time video.

Web App Services:

Azure Web Apps are Microsoft's offering to cloud to host web applications. We will be using the web app services to notify the doctor when the patient is unstable

Power BI Visualization:

Data analysis is important in business to understand problems facing an organization, and to explore data in meaningful ways. Power BI will help doctors to visualize the overall changes in the patient's vitals

Our Service Domains

Heath Care and Home Care

Technology we work with (with relevant icon cards)

Face Expression Recognition

Convolution Neural Network

Internet of things

Power BI

Your Problems, Our Solutions (individual cards for each problem)

Problem 1 :

Each patient in the hospital is assigned a nurse/ caretaker. In case of emergency this nurse rushes/calls the doctor for help. In this scenario, a lot of resources are used in communication and knowledge transfer. These problems can cause the patient to suffer from pain for a longer time and sometimes can cause death due to delay of health
Solution:  We can collect real time data from all the IOT devices connected to the patient's room. This dataset will help us predict whether a patient is stable or not The moment we predict the outcome as ‘unstable’, we'll notify the doctor to rush into the room with patient ID/ room ID

Problem 2 :

Sometimes it can happen that the patient has normal heart rate, PPG and other variable but he/she may still be in pain. Again, expressing the pain and asking for help/ information transfer can take a lot of unnecessary resources.
Solution:  We can use Facial Expression Recognition to find the changes in patient's emotions/ facial expressions. These will help us know if the patient is in pain or not.  Again, we will notify the doctor as soon as possible

Our Product Pipeline

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