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Health Care industry and its automation is one of the most prominent topics in the technology today​. Our vision is to optimize time, risk and resources in a hospital environment and ultimately improve connection with a patient​. IOT modeling and automation, Video processing  and  Face Expression recognition  are few of the important technologies implemented in our digital health fitness product.  

 Each patient in the hospital is assigned a nurse/ caretaker. In case of emergency this nurse rushes/calls the doctor for help. In this scenario, a lot of resources are used in communication and knowledge transfer.​ Sometimes it can happen that the patient has normal heart rate, PPG and other variable but he/she may still be in pain. ​ With our product 

  • We can collect real time data from all the IOT devices connected to the patient’s room.  
  • We can use Facial Expression Recognition to find the changes in patient’s emotions/ facial expressions. These will help us know if the patient is in pain or not. 
  • The moment we predict the outcome as ‘unstable’, we’ll notify the doctor to rush into the room with patient ID/ room ID.

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Features of the product

Solutions with Interactive and hassle-free interface and seamless functionality ensure that you get the best of experience.

Expression recognition

The model employs real time facial expression recognition of human expressions varying with their emotions and feelings

Tracking heartbeat and BP

IoT devices tagged with the help of a broker are used for tracking real time heartbeat rate, blood pressure rate and other monitoring equipment.

Powerful Analytics

Fully managed real time analytics

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Our products are efficient, durable, ensure peak experience and are apt to solve your most intricate problems and require very low maintenance.

The Powerful Analytics (Power BI) help doctors to visualize the overall changes in the patient’s vitals

Efficient reporting, alerts and recording of patient’s health and dashboards to monitor it

Functions best in all medical arena be it Integrated Health Networks/Systems, Hospitals, Long Term cares, Old Age homes, MedTech Companies

We can collect real time data from all the IOT devices connected to the patient’s room.  

We can use Facial Expression Recognition to find the changes in patient’s emotions/ facial expressions. These will help us know if the patient is in pain or not. 

The moment we predict the outcome as ‘unstable’, we’ll notify the doctor to rush into the room with patient ID/ room ID. 

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