Google Workspace Training

iSmile Technologies offers Google workspace training for companies when organizations migrate to the Google cloud, they often gravitate towards SaaS for their cloud computing and collaborative needs.

Google Workspace is one of the most versatile and powerful cloud-based productivity programs with loads of offerings that will increase the output of any organization. Core products of Google Workspace include an organized email system with integrated chat and call services (Gmail), a public cloud storage system for employees to save and access their work on any authorized device (Drive), and a platform to build quick websites without IT help (Sites) which are all available under a single Google account.


Cloud Workspace

At iSmile Technologies, we understand that changes in infrastructure, although necessary, may be daunting and difficult to transition into for some organizations migrating to the cloud. As powerful as Google Workspace is, there are many functions of each of its services that may take some time for your employees to learn to use efficiently. To speed up this learning process so your organization can get back to work, iSmile Technologies offers Google Workspace Training. Through these workshops, we start students off by teaching the basics of each service and then progress to tricks, shortcuts, and even hidden functions. With the help of our trained professionals, your employees will soon become experts themselves!

Why iSmile Technologies

for Google Workspace

iSmile technologies has been in the industry for a decade and have a proven background of efficient and timely work from several past and current customers. We understand that transitions in the business world can be hectic and stressful by causing unusual challenges to the company. We counter that issue by clearly and concisely drawing out our plan and then executing it with a zero-fault approach. We ensure that all data is migrated safely and properly and then test for effectiveness before and after successful migration.

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