Google Lift and Shift

To the cloud without having to redesign applications or interrupt workflows. What is lift-and-shift?

Lift-and-shift, also known as re-hosting, is a migration strategy that involves moving data and applications from an on-premises location to virtual machines running Google Cloud in the cloud. This is a popular approach, not least because it is quite quick and easy.

Lift-and-shift allows businesses to keep running their applications with minimal change and disruption. They take advantage of all the capabilities and adaptability of Google Cloud’s advanced platform without having to invest in a new application architecture or initial code rework. 

Main advantages

Faster and easier migration

Reduced risks and costs

Need for new architecture and minimal redesign

Low initial cost compared to re-platforming

Little or no downtime

When to

choose lift-and-shift

Lift-and-shift migration to Google Cloud is appropriate in a variety of scenarios: when there is a need to quickly reduce on-premises infrastructure costs, when datacenter leases expire, or when security breaches in existing technology put data and customers at risk. It is also a good solution for companies that simply do not want to deal with infrastructure maintenance and focus on innovation.

However, lift-and-shift is often much more than a DIY solution; it is often a first step towards digital transformation. In fact, many companies choose to optimize their IT operations once they are already operating in the cloud. That is because moving to Google Cloud ensures continued access to the latest cloud technologies.

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iSmile Technologies’ partners provide proven services that can effectively mitigate lift-and-shift risks and optimize cloud spend. They also provide training and consulting services for a seamless migration and to ensure that the transition is simple, fast and safe

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