Google for non profit

Google Workspace and Google Classroom for Non-Profit Organization

“Reduce your IT costs and help staff
and volunteers work together more effectively”

 iSmile Technologies is offering free set up for NonProfit organization’s of Google Workspace and Google Classroom. 

  • Google workspace has all the apps you love including Google Meet, Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Slides, Docs and others. You can hold meetings, record notes, send mails, create presentations, create reporting sheets and more. 
  • Google Education allows you the option to connect with your teams from anytime and anywhere and instruct and educate them of the Non-Profit Organization’s activities and works. 
  • We thought of rewarding the hard work of Non-Profit Organizations for uplifting the society. So, we are offering free set up of Google Workspace and Google Education for all Non-Profit Organization.
google for non profit

Google for Non-Profits

Simple solutions to the managing of non-profit organisations with gsuite for non-profit cloud-based productivity suite, you can enable your teams to communicate, innovate, collobrate and create together from anywhere in the world, at real-time.

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