How we can renew G-suite licenses

How we can renew G-suite licenses

Google workspace is the workspace for professionals. It then continues the evolution of the G Suite. Originally, it was named “Google Apps for Your Domain.” Later, it gets renamed “Google Apps” before it was eventually renamed “G Suite” in 2016.   

G Suite is a tool used by professionals. G suite is also an evolving tool as the ways of working have changed. Above mentioned tools of different categories are offered by G Suite? Licenses are required for services managed in the Google Admin console-like Google Workspace. In cloud identity, e.g., a user must have a license for Google Workspace before using a Gmail account or any other Google Workspace tool. Users can have more than one service license. For each different Google, a workplace license is needed that means multiple users can use a single license. The Google Admin console manages these services and licenses. There are two types of licenses given by the G suite are Site-based and second are User-based. We can renew, suspend or delete our license orders; below are the steps for renewing the license.  

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For renewing, suspend or delete your order, you will need to follow the steps below:  

Step 1: Log in to your Control Panel, Search for your G Suite order and go to the Order Information view.   

Step 2: Renew your order.  

Click on the Renew button.  



Click on the more link if you need to add email accounts, select the duration, and click on Renew Order.  



We have learned in this so far a detailed discussion about what and how Google licensing gets renewed. Its considerable importance in practical ways is limitless, and no-wonder G-Suite licensing will become something so inevitable to do and to have. 

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