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How retailers can boost agility and resilience in Google Cloud

Boost agility and resilience in Google Cloud


COVID has changed everyone’s life drastically and changed the way of purchasing goods, but these changes accelerated trends that were well carried out. While many of the retailers caught with the abrupt change, most of them stepped up into the cloud transformation that results in changes in consumer behavior, and these changes remain permanent. These retailers realize a need to migrate their workload to the cloud to promote their products, achieve speed, and meet customers’ expectations. Also, they need to expand the support for customers, predict the demand to meet the customer’s expectations. By implementing new solutions such as Google Cloud, VMware Engine retailers can move their applications to the cloud, where it helps them to achieve speed and scale and stay competitive in the market.  

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

Generally, cloud computing can be called computing that is based totally on the web. Before every individual used to run programs or applications from the software downloaded from the server or a PC, cloud computing administrations helped them access applications using the Internet. There are many advantages to using cloud computing.  


Cloud computing provides incredible security when any information has been lost. It can be easily accessed regardless of something happens to the PC as the information is stored in the system. You can crash the information remotely before getting it in inappropriate hands.  

Low costs:

The services are free from capital expenses, and there is no need to spend much on hardware in the cloud. You simply need to pay for the resources you use.  

24*7 Availability:

Most of the cloud suppliers guarantee their services of keeping up uptime and availability of their services. Anyone can get into an application from anywhere, and even the capacity of the application works offline.  


Cloud computing offers the major advantage of accessing from anywhere globally, and there are no limitations set to utilize the basic cloud benefits. 

Advantages of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing organizes things simply and effectively, like making a coordinated effort a simple procedure. And it also helps workers to view and share data easily and safely over the cloud platform.  


For the business’s success, there are few things as inconvenient as providing low quality and conflicting reports. In the cloud, all files are stored in one spot where everyone can access similar data to keep up the consistency and maintain a clear record of any corrections or updates.  


Cloud computing offers valuable assets too by not blocking any information or the data storage capacity.  

Software Updates:

Cloud-based applications updates themselves rather than expecting an IT department to play out a manual update.  

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Artificial intelligence and data analytics:

It is available in the cloud and using Big Query in the cloud; it helps to run an AI model to predict the demand and sales plan and other activities as well. Deploying AI will help to deliver the product recommendations of customers at scale.  

Using VMware Engine:

Retailers need not deploy a new application in the cloud. Rather they can upload work applications and other business system information to the cloud.  

Google Cloud VMware engine enables them to migrate their on-premises applications and other business systems into the cloud. So, the IT departments can also move their applications to the cloud in a couple of minutes without developing a code. Now from there, the retailers can run their existing applications, including point-of-sale (POS) systems, remote desktops, and other devices. This means just like how they did when those applications were installed in the physical stores or offices. 

Using VMware Engine

The process of VMware Engine is to create a software infrastructure that automatically runs VMware workloads to present tools without any changes being made. The infrastructure includes computing power, Internet connections, storage capacity, and security services for an individual customer.  

How does Cloud infrastructure work for new retail realities?

As we all know, Covid -19 was a wake-up call for everyone, especially retailers who desperately needed a transformation to meet the customer’s needs and behavior. This transformation to the cloud is so quick, productive, and cost-effective without creating any disruptions. The latest solution of Google Cloud VMware Engine allows retailers to do exactly what they want in a very straightforward approach that will take only a few minutes. Once they are into the cloud, the cloud offers so many advantages to retailers, such as data analytics, improving customer experience, and reducing costs.   

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