Cost saving on Google Cloud Platforms

Cost saving on Google Cloud Platforms

Enterprises need to pay attention to how to save more costs when adopting cloud computing resources, and they can understand how to save costs for virtual machines used on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud cloud platforms. 

Many cloud computing administrators are surprised to find that they can spend more on cloud platforms than on-premises data centers, and some of them are not mandatory. 

Cloud computing has attracted attention because of its on-demand availability, but these variable costs will soon increase on a large scale. The major cloud computing providers AWS, Microsoft, and Google all offer discount plans that can lower the price of computing instances in exchange for the promise of buying a certain amount of future resources or accepting availability restrictions. 

Companies rely heavily on these programs to control cloud computing costs, so any company starting a cloud computing journey or expanding the scale of using cloud computing services must understand what is available. Here is a review of some significant cloud computing discounts on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. 

Let’s discuss Google first. 

Google's promised use discount

Similar to AWS’s reserved instances, Google offers this kind of cloud computing discount to users who are committed to deploying fixed capacity for one or three years. Users can save up to 57% on most standard computer types, while memory-optimized computer types can save up to 70%. The savings can also be applied to custom cloud virtual machines. 

Users pay monthly and promise based on the total usage in the area, so they can reconfigure their computers within these limits. However, don’t expect to apply “committed usage” discounts to shared core computer types or expanded memory. It can run on the GPU, but only if users of the Google Cloud Platform have reserved these instances in advance. 

Google Preemptible Virtual Machine

Users can save up to 80% of the cost when using the Google Preemptible virtual machine, which is similar to AWS’s Spot Instances because they can access unused capacity in a specific area. These cloud computing discounts have brought multiple warnings: preemptible virtual machines can only run for a maximum of 24 hours, and Google can notify them to close them within 30 seconds. 

Due to these limitations, the Preemptible virtual machine is designed for fault tolerance or batch processing. 

Google continuous use discount

These are some of the most direct cloud pricing discounts. In essence, they encourage users to continue to use the platform, and if they run within a certain percentage of a certain month, they will automatically provide discounts on certain Google Compute Engine resources. 

Continuous use discounts can be reduced by 30% from Google’s base price, but the savings will vary by machine type. The discount only applies to vCPU and memory, and cannot be used for virtual machines created in Google’s PaaS application engine or its data processing service cloud platform data stream. 

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