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This report focuses on reporting a employee productivity for internal organizational use. This website is a one-stop shop to monitor employee productivity on multiple platforms like MS Teams, SharePoint, HubSpot, LinkedIn. All the Employee Details from these different platforms like Demographics, Roles, No. of meetings, Audio Time, Video Time, No. of potential clients contacted, User engagement on LinkedIn are used to assess the productivity of the employees.

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Features of The Website

MS Teams User Activity

This report acts as a medium to check employee productivity based on MS Teams user metrics in last 90 days. It can track the engagement and productivity of each employee.


Downloaded user activity data from MS team’s admin portal. Uploaded it to blob storage. Calculated productivity based on audio time, video time and meetings. Analyzed and visualized the insights in power BI


Technologies Used

LinkedIn Data

This report provides the user engagement of company’s LinkedIn page. Metrics such as engagement rate, impressions and clicks are assessed to give over all user interactions with the page and there by analyze its reach.


Add an API through logic app, create a logic app using the suitable architecture. Upload the LinkedIn updates data to SharePoint. Now import this app through logic app API. Analyze and visualize the insights in Power BI


Technologies Used

HR Data Analysis

Using this dataset, we tried to find out the engagement of HR’s through the company. It gave us an insight about the teams and overall team members. We tried to give an overview of salary using glassdoor data.


A Logic App was created in Microsoft Azure to pull HR RPA data from SharePoint and store it into Azure Blob Storage. We choose HTTP request so that we can run the app on demand. Gave a link of the required folder buy using the path. Later linked it to the Azure Blob. The real time data will get stored in Azure blob. Analyzed and the visualized the data in Power BI.

Logic App Flow

Technologies Used

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