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Cloud Security eBook_featured
The Next Generation of Cloud Security

Your organization might be using a mix of both traditional & modern applications. Your traditional applications …

CIO's Guide To Monitoring Microservices

A large number of applications both distributed & diversified are running on the Kubernetes environment …

Healthcare Analytics In 2022_featured
The Industrial Revolution For Healthcare Analytics In 2022

As many as ten to twenty healthcare organizations may simultaneously work …

DevSecOps in Financial Services_featured
Getting DevSecOps Right In Financial Services

DevSecOps aids businesses in securing their SDLC effectively while also allowing them to deliver software faster.

DevOps Maturity

The IT sector has been altered by DevOps, which has changed the way teams function and interact in the process chain and workflow…

Bg - Keys to Accelerate Cloud Value
Keys To Accelerate Cloud Value

Understanding the true value of the cloud is one of the most challenging tasks. This eBook will figure out the critical factor to accelerate the …

DDoS thumbnail
Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) ...

The IT industry has recently seen a steady increase in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. A few ….

Cloud Governance thumbnail
All you need to know about Cloud Governance

While the cloud makes it easy for organizations to deploy assets and reap benefits like scalability, elasticity …

3 Trendy Credit Union Priorities for 2021 Cloud, Data, and Analytics
USA's Protection Measures to Stop Cyber Crime

More than ever in the history of cyber-crime, USA has encountered numerous breaches …

Recommended RFP process for selecting ...

While writing your RFP, you need to be specific but must not restrict yourself or the RFP respondents …

Migrating Teradata to BigQuery

It is an attractive option because It doesn’t require provisioning for storage and computing resources in advance. 

Project Management Guide For Cloud Migration

We are here to simplify your migration to cloud by embarking on a systematic, planned, stage-wise journey to the cloud.

ebook 3
Big Data Management - What, Why and How

Big data management allows a company to understand its customers.

ebook 1
Modernization Of Legacy Data Warehouse

Know why you should modernize your data warehouse.

ebook 2
Need for Business Intelligence Services

 Gather collect and integrate requirements for Business Intelligence solution.

Stock Valuation to Determine Intrinsic Value of Stock

In recent times automation, innovation and evolution have been the keywords forthe business sector. Nowadays, businesses are shifting from …

Stock Valuation to Determine Intrinsic Value of Stock
DevOps Management Guide

DevOps is a concept that combines the developments and operation of the term to describe a collaborative or shared approach to the …

Stock Valuation to Determine Intrinsic Value of Stock
Cloud Optimization Strategy

The importance of cloud computing skyrocketed by cost-conscious IT departments that visualized cloud as a natural next step to ….

Guide to the enterprise cloud cost management_featured
Guide To Enterprise Cloud Cost Management

If your journey of cloud adoption money can flow out of your pocket like a waterfall, so, before moving to the cloud, make an adequate …

DevOps vs NoOps

DevOps in a cloud-based environment that entails automation for testing and deployment of software packages has made the notion ubiquitous.

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Cloud Migration
Decision Tree

Cloud Migration Decision Tree is a strategy that iSmile Technologies use to ensure a successful and secure migration process.


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