Digital Transformation

  • Is your enterprise digitally literate?
  • How far are you on your way to paperless organizational processes?
  • Are you ready to adopt personalized experiences and build stronger customer relationships?

iSmile Technologies Digital Transformation services provide your enterprise with the best digital solutions ranging from digital architecture to products and services. We cover all aspects of your digital transformation journey with actionable insights, improved customer data experience, conversational AI and personalized bots, IoT services, Cognitive Cloud, predictive analytics, digital marketing, COVID-19 solutions, and much more.

Digital Architecture

Enhance your productivity and foster stronger customer relationships with our advanced tools and platforms laid down for digital transformation. These tools and platforms act as a key player to drive your enterprise towards the goal of modernizing the processes, along with keeping the conceptual models intact.

iSmile Technologies lays down the foundation of its core digital architecture in the form of DevOps, microservices, Virtual Assistants, Cloud Platforms, Blockchain, and integrated Enterprise Data Management systems and services.

Digital Products

iSmile Technologies strategically transforms your business to be data-driven, analytically advanced, efficient in data science and machine learning services with a highly efficient roadmap that accelerates your business towards the increasing demands of the next generation.

Our globally diverse team of digital experts assists you in every step of transforming your business to build stronger client relationships with strategic planning, personalized products, streamed analytics, data intelligence, and support services to upscale your stand in the industry and faster go-to-market.

Digital Services

Scale up your business and services to incorporate changing demands and innovations with minimum plausible operational overheads through our Cloud Transformation Services.

iSmile Technologies offers you a plethora of cloud transformation services such as IaaS, Saas, PaaS, Big Data, IoT, Automated Build & Deploy, Automated Healthcare, Authentication Management, Content Management, Release Management, Disaster Recovery, Message queuing and the list goes on. We accelerate your enterprise for the urgency of digital transformation for the adoption of the latest tools and technologies.

Digital Experience

iSmile Technologies renders your enterprise a unique digital experience by transforming the user experience through valuable service offerings such as innovative designs, rapid prototyping, digital personalization, and accessibility.

Establish a competitive edge for your business equipped with next-gen capabilities and increasing client demands on the frontier along with us.

What Our Digital Experts Think?

The Importance of IoT Security

The Importance of IoT Security

This is the era of the Internet of Things (IoT), where automation and digitization of the devices around us are changing the very aspect of our lives. As IoT is changing the ways of livings like never imagined before, it is also attracting cybercriminals to target the...

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Passwordless Authentication in IoT Devices

Passwordless Authentication in IoT Devices

Today, a lot of IoT devices come with default passwords and have poor security in place, which could make them vulnerable to cyberattacks. This issue can be solved by using passwordless authentication. It combines biometric authentication second-factor authentication...

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