Our Technologies


We undertake complete digital transformation of organization and ensure that agility is induced in the process, workflows are streamlined, collaboration and communication is enhanced, higher automation of work processes, lesser turnaround time and more. We undertake 

  • Cloud Migration 
  • Legacy applications modernization 
  • Database upgradation 
  • Employing collaborative suites for shared workflows 
  • And many other
Cyber cloud symbol project creating. Abstract concept of data storage, database, computing, servers, archive and documents safety 3d illustration. Drawing digital scheme line of futuristic idea.

Our Offerings

We use a suite of Digital technologies for implementation, operation and scaling in business processes


For making an organization ‘contract smart’, we use tha latest tools like Ethereum, Smart Contracts, Quorum, Corda, Stellar, Hyperledger.


For mobility in organizations we employ Android, iOS, Xamarin, Ionic, React Native, Flutter, HTML5, Cordova mobility solutions.

Big Data Analytics

For big data analytics we use Tableau, Spark,Teradata, Lumify, Talend, Pentaho.


For AI-ML, we employ Weka, Apache Spark Mlib,Rapid Miner, Shogun, Knime, Pytorch, Tensorflow, Oryx 2,Keras, Microsoft CNTK.

Why ISmile Technologies For Digital Transformation ?

ISmile Technologies, help you transition seamlessly into the hyper digital age with scalable solutions which are cost effective and accelerate value creation in your organization at a rapid pace. We are preferred choice for digital transformation owing to 

  • Long expertise in every vertical of digital transformation
  • Multiple projects done for mobility solutions, cloud solutions, DevOps and others
  • Expertise in creating scalable and automated architectures

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