Top automation testing trends to look out in 2021

automation testing

The pandemic has affected many organizations around the world. While most of them are being temporarily shut down due to lockdown, few of them still survived by being on digital platforms. Consequently, the afflicted organizations are also digitally transforming themselves. To interact with their customers and sustain their business they need to create exclusive software and application, which need to be tested before going live. So, overall automation testing will see a boom in 2021, because for being on top of their game testing industry will adopt every measure and technology to deliver quality results. So, here are top automation testing trends to look out for this year: 

1. Codeless Testing: 

Codeless Testing will be top of other testing methods because non-technical individuals can also this process. This type of testing saves time and money spent on recurring tests. Automatic test cases accelerate overall testing process. Moreover, it involves fewer human errors. 

2. Testing Accessibility 

Since more organizations are digitalizing, they need more accessible software to run their operations, which means there will be more accessibility testing done 2021.  

3. Developing cloud-based software 

There will be a huge demand of cloud-based software, applications, and other platforms, which involves n number of testing process like security testing, accessibility testing, performance testing etc. Digitalization means use of cloud-based automation tools on an enormous level. 

4. Use of Artificial Intelligence  

Smart artificial intelligence will be used for connecting with customers like. Testing chat bots, speech recognition, sentiment analysis etc. will be required during the digital transformation.  

5. Testing blockchain 

Blockchain powered service are best option to securely converse huge data when going digital. The procedure involves encryptions, transmission, decryption and other things which need to be tested automatically.  

6. Cybersecurity demand 

The topmost priority of organization is cybersecurity during digital transformation, so there will be huge demand of online security services in 2021. Automatic security tests should be flawless error and leak free as it significantly impacts company privacy. 

7. Increase demand for QAOPS 

QAOPS jobs will see huge rise in 2021. With huge demand of automatic testing, there will be increased demand of the individual that runs automatic tests. Be it a small organization or a big one, they will be needed everywhere.  

8. Parallel Testing 

Though automatic testing saves time and money, as a precautionary measure executing parallel testing is also required. Organizations will opt for frameworks that support parallel testing.  

9. Growth in RPA 

Using tools related to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) will become traditional. It will bring significant reduction in time spent on software testing and would reduce expenditure noticeably.  

10. Mobile Application Testing 

Digital transformation will result in more application use on gadgets. Millions of mobile apps will be developed and tested for Play Store.  There compatibility with various gadgets and operating systems will be tested. 

These ten most important testing trends you need to look up to in 2021. This is the future and organizations need to adapt them.  

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