Node Js Best Practices for automation testing

  • Keep the test data in Node Js small and distinct from others, having no interference. This will allow you to test failures independently without failure from one test impacting other 
  • Meaniful test case Nomenclature- While writing effective test cases, the name should be kept such that it can easily represent the test goal. This makes it much easier for comprehension by the stakeholders rather than any random name. An ideal test case name should meaningfully represent the feature being tested, the specific scenario which is being executed and the expected result from the test 
  • Employ Behavior Driven development style- The BDD decalarative writing style for tests ernables users in understanding the test flow and the expectations while keeping the coding components hidden from non-technical stakeholders 
  • Employ assertions- Assertions are declarative statements that are crucial part of any test case.They provide a Boolean output which helps users know whether the test was performed according to the expectations. Assertions save developers time when they are checking the output and matching the expectations with the results, stepwise. 
  • Employ test runners- Test runners are tools that runs tests on the source code library or the directory containing many unit tests. It produces test results in the form of log files in a readable format. The most common test runner for Node Js is Mocha. 
  • Test coverage- It denotes the amount of the code covered by the test cases. For drafting test cases with good test coverage, it is important to remember that it relies on the nature of your software application 
  • Tagging the test cases- Different cases involve different scenarios. It is best to classify and segregate them by tagging the test cases as per their use. 
  • Mutation Testing- It is a white box testing method in which certain components of the source codes of the applications are changed. This is done to simulate scenarios of the errors in application functioning. 
  • Use code plagiarism checker- Many a times while writing codes, developers tend to copy some scripts or parts from different sources which may lead to copyright issues. Thus frequently checking code plagiarism while working with Node JS is important. For this one can install the package node.js npm plagiarism-checker
  • Test using inputs close to actual scenario- While testing at many times testers use inputs whose value may be nowhere close to the actual scenario. Tests should always be done with inputs, use large and varied data sets that are close to real. 
  • Use the Lint tool- Lint helps in scanning and testing your entire code and flagging off any errors, bugs, styling issues or malicious constructs 
  • Follow the testing pyramid- While writing test cases, follow the testing pyramid which is a triangle consisting of three parts denoting three different stages of tests grouped according to the cost and the execution speed, the peak signifying the highest speed attainable 

Component Testing- It is advisable to test each application components separately. This testing offers excellent coverage and enhanced speed 

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