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NerdWallet is a one stop online platform for expert money advice across all financial needs or requirements that an individual may have. It specializes in personal finance through its website which assists its potential clients to analyze many different pieces of information and make informed decisions related to finance through the following link:  

On the website of NerdWallet, users can easily browse over the company’s top picks for credit cards, banking, investing, mortgages, insurance, personal & student loans and also a section for assistance to small businesses. The company does this by comparing and reviewing the different companies that offer these services all within their website. These selections may be from options such as ‘cash back’, ‘building my credit’, ‘rewards’ and many more. 

Credit Cards 

The first service that users would see as they scroll down is the credit card section. All users who wish to know about the different credit card options that one could avail of. The process starts with requesting the user for their credit score; right next to this option is a dropdown menu for the use to select from. This dropdown menu is a list of targets or preferences that the user prioritizes.  


Users can directly click on the investing section from the top of the page to open the menu options for the kind of investing services they seek. These services provide one with the top brokers for stock trading, the top online brokerage companies, track one’s retirement funding necessities and also the analysis of 401(k) fees. The subsections provide articles on the top stocks that a user would want to invest in independently; correspondingly, the following article explains the roles of a financial planner and also assesses if the investor would need one or not.  


In the insurance section located at the top of the website’s front page, users can click on the option to avail of services such as urgent car insurance quotes, short term life insurance rates, knowledge on the various types of insurance for the home and belongings and also receive health insurance quotes. NerdWallet helps save time and money using their ‘15 second quotes’ and also while simultaneously comparing prices of multiple firms in the area.  


NerdWallet offers both student loans and both personal loans for its customers. These types of services are very beneficial and convenient for a family looking to take loans for themselves as well as for their kids who might be entering into the university life. Moreover, a company offering loans to students as well as the working community creates an acknowledgement of the simplicity and versatility of the processes that NerdWallet follows.  

In the section for student loans, students can utilize services such as refinancing their student loans, finding a private student loan, understanding the FAFSA guide and also finding student loan relief. 

Their services to Personal Loans include loans for good and bad credit, debt paying strategies and also calculating key numbers which determine how the loan would affect the earnings of an individual and also ultimately their lifestyle.  

Banking & Mortgages 

The banking services that NerdWallet offers include comparison of various options while opening a new account, help to understand savings and its compounding and also identifying the best rates for Certificates of deposit (CD).  

The Mortgage section of NerdWallet first asks users to fill in the type of mortgage loan a user wants to avail of; it then asks for the zip code and the credit score. Once the information has been provided, NerdWallet automatically provides the users with the top suggestions by matching the requirements of each mortgage lender with the inputs of the borrower or user.  


NerdWallet also offers information related to travel and vacations for users. This section helps users identify the best travel card for expenses on the trip, selecting a hotel card for the best cash back and other related offers, choosing the best airline card, travel insurance and also earn points and rewards for their purchases and expenditure. 

In my opinion, such a wide variety of options helps to personalize suggestions for the users because in this present day and age, there are so many options for an individual to choose from.  Additionally, NerdWallet has links to offers, articles on the best tips and advice while embarking on any journey which requires financial planning ranging from loans to travelling and also provides current trends and news related to these trends to help the users familiarize with each specific service offering. Asymmetric information can hugely impact the effectiveness of these financial decisions as an average individual might not be aware of all the options available as many of these pieces of information can be a bit technically difficult for users to understand and NerdWallet helps to eliminate this asymmetric information, so users are well informed and confident before making a major decision.  

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