Modernization of legacy applications

Approaches to modernize legacy applications

Legacy applications are the biggest hindrance to making business IT infrastructure agile. Most of the scope of expansion and improving on performance can’t be solved unless legacy applications are modernized. Modernizing creates new business value and reduces total cost of ownership. Modernization of legacy applications may involve one or many of the following activities.

  • Migrating data off from legacy data center
  • Migrating data to cloud
  • Enhancement or upgrading the functionalities of legacy application in terms of speed, performance and others
  • Refactoring traditional applications into various microservices
  • Integrating applications with other applications
  • Coupling analytics and dashboarding functions to applications

And more…

Why should your business consider application modernization?

Your business should consider application modernization to

  • Enhance speed and performance of the business
  • To reduce cost involved in applications operations
  • To make applications compatible with modern technologies so that added advantage of cloud, AI, ML and others can be availed.

Steps to modernize your business applications

  1. Audit your application infrastructure and assess them on the parameters of scalability, performance and agility
  2. Assess the applications on the cost involved in operations
  3. Evaluate the applications on the parameters of complexity involved, security and compliance
  4. Identify the applications in the business to be modernized
  5. Assess the cost involved in modernization
  6. Assess the returns to cost ratio involved in modernization
  7. Identify the technologies to be used in modernization like
  • Containers and Kubernetes

These allows creation of scalable and consistently performing applications across varied environments. They help in reducing overhead costs, induce consistency in operations and allow seamless transfer and movement of data and application within different environment

  • Serverless Computing model

This technology helps procure software code for the cloud provider

  • Forming the rearchitecting blueprint
  • Launching a pilot project of modernization
  • Analyzing the outcomes
  • Implementing the modernization of applications

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