Manufacturing IP Solutions

Manufacturing IP Solutions

With manufacturers turning to technological solutions to create a competitive edge in the market and drive efficiencies in manufacturing and production, ROI based IP solutions are being developed.  

Manufacturing IP solutions help manufacturers in 

  • Creating a streamlined, and resilient supply chain 

Better supply chain management is obtained by employing ML, Kubernetes, Power BI, and data bricks. Complete visibility, traceability of items along with analytic inferences for determining supply availability, maintaining stock levels are being obtained  

  • Learn more about how customers perceive your products 

With neuromarketing solutions being employed, product analysts are better able to infer the acceptance of the virtues of the product in the market and can map the degree of engagement of customers with the product. This feedback is helping in inducing innovations in products and making changes in packaging, design and other parameters of the product for greater acceptance in the market. 

  • Allows you to improve customer service 

With Machine Learning models, Kubernetes Services, Synapse, and Bot Framework, you can map the engagement of your customers from the point of enquiry to delivery. With improved responsiveness, you have better customer service and customer satisfaction. 

  • Induce agility in manufacturing 

With Machine Learning models, bot frameworks, RPAs and AI induction, you can induce agility in the manufacturing process, fasten up the production with automation of tasks, and reduce manufacturing costs, maintenance costs, and production downtime. 

  • Inventory forecasting, retail forecasting and sales ratio forecasting 

With demand, inventory and sales forecasting solutions, customers are having an accurate prediction of the demands for their products, determine the order status, analyse the returns on the product and reduce stock and storage costs. It also helps in determining the levels of production that need to be maintained and manpower requirements in peak and lean periods. 

  • Tracking down the productivity of the manufacturing employees 

The enterprise data platform solutions offered is enabling productivity tracking of various manufacturing employees. With data integration, data processing, predictive analytics, and item based ranking of employees, it helps in tracking down the productivity of manufacturing employees to the last details. 

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