Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation creates customized solutions to resolve business process automation and integration issues within a company

Digital Transformation

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Create a one-stop-shop portal for all operational activities within a company

Problem Statement

Employees must use different applications for different tasks and are unable to keep track of all the various applications. Reports are generated and maintained manually by the employees

Product Plan

Create an interactive website which integrates with all technologies and applications used within the organization. Employees and administrative staff can access all the relevant applications, reports, and functionalities that they need to use daily


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Digital transformation focuses on creating a website for internal organizational use. This website is a one-stop shop for all employee needs. All company applications like MS Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Azure, HubSpot, Hootsuite can be accessed through this portal. Service tickets for any operational incidents can be raised through this portal. All the HR functions like Timesheet, Performance Review, Recruitment, On-boarding, Off-boarding are automated and can be accessed through this portal. Similarly finance data like salary analysis and prediction models will also be a part of this portal. The website also has a chat-bot which is an interesting feature as employees will be able to access information and receive answers to the questions they have in timely manner.

Features of The Website

Application Catalog

The application catalog serves as a single sign on platform where employees can access all internal applications in one section of the portal. Multiple applications like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Azure, HubSpot, Hootsuite can be access through this portal


Application catalog is a portfolio of applications that is personalized for each team/user needs. Once the user has already logged on the website of the Company using the professional account, the applications from the catalog will no longer require access information, accordingly to the employee’s team

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Technologies Used

Service Catalog

The service catalog is a feature which tracks service requests related to operational functions within the organization. It is integrated with Service Now which helps raise, track, and resolve the requests related to internal applications.


Service catalog retrieves incident data from Service Now and displays the state of progress of each ticket number. New incident requests can be created and the status of old requests can be tracked through this tool. Ticket log information would be stored in a database and updated real-time when there are new entries.

Service Catalog Flow Chart

Technologies Used

HR Automation

HR processes like Timesheet Report, Performance Review, Recruitment, On-boarding, and Off-boarding are all automated using Power Automate functionality. Post automation the information can be analyzed and improvised for better business decision making.


All the HR works like managing data and documents while Onboarding, Offboarding, Recruitment and generating Timesheet, Performance Evaluation Reports of Employees is done automatically using Power Automate and other Microsoft Product. This HR automation can be helpful from any Medium size organization to Large sizes. It helps your HR team to improve productivity by focusing on important works like finding best Employee for your Organization while rest of the processes is been Automated.

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Technologies Used

Financial Prediction Model

Internal employee salary information is analyzed with respect to market standard data. Correlation analysis is done related to the experience, role and salary of the employees. Prediction models and visualizations are designed to be able to plan for future hiring and resource planning purposes. The HR team can use these interactive dashboards to retrieve the information they require.


Import data into R repository and perform data cleaning, exploration, and transformation tasks. Analyze the correlation between various variables and create a R Shiny visualization.

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Technologies Used


There is a chatbot which is integrated into the website to answer employee queries. The employees can just type in their questions on the interface and receive information to help resolve their doubts. This is also a voice enabled chatbot that facilitates voice to text conversion of questions for easier usability of the feature.

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