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With DevSecOps on, CIOs are changing the responsibility of Cyber Security

CIOs are changing the boundaries of the IT function – security & development till now in the departments of separate teams will no longer be siloed. This shift in the trend of who is using the application security tools suggests that DevSecOps is very much here. A recent study suggests that there is nearly a two-fold increase in the number of development teams to which application security tools have been allocated. A recent study reports that CIOs are expecting more security teams to be well-versed in DevOps practices & tools, while DevOps professionals are expected to embrace security integration in development practices. In this post, we will capture the changing trend in this regard.

Observe & Protect 

Observation data collected while assessing applications & infrastructure can play a key role in cybersecurity initiatives. Integrating security with development & deployment monitoring is in essence a ‘protect while observing’ philosophy. And it offers considerable benefits to developers, security teams, and the entire business. Development & security analysts have a common pain point – too much data from too many tools. Whether it’s maintaining system availability or investigating suspected activities, DevOps & security teams must work fast to find issues & respond appropriately. 

To quickly investigate an issue, one must get access to the data to tell the complete story of what happened. Many times, these two teams need to manually correlate & analyze metrics, logs and traces to piece together a story as they struggle to find the root cause by sifting tons of data from multiple tools. The ideal situation for both teams will be the ability to automatically correlate & use advanced analytics that is easy to access from a common source.   

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DevSecOps Opportunities  

Technology leaders have recognized the necessity of shared responsibility for security. If the organizations are already taking strides toward the DevSecOps, CIOs can accelerate the progress by: 

  • Integrating team expertise: Today’s teams require fast development. Better collaboration between security & DevOps teams can ensure that applications are developed without friction that could slow developers down. DevOps teams should be better versed in security practices & vice versa.
  • United observability:  Cross-functional team must be established to observe the entire gamut of operations from development to security. Drive from the top: Security is essential, and there should be complete executive sponsorship to ensure that non-security teams are also aware of the security fundamentals, as now security is a joint responsibility. 

By taking steps like these, CIOs can push a trend, which is already underway to some extent, from their advantageous position in the C-Suite. By leveraging the combined power of observability & security, CIOs can make their employees more efficient, and at the same time succeed in delivering a secure & reliable experience to their customers. ISmile Technologies helps you to reimagine DevOps with integrated security at every step. Designed keeping in mind the robust security, our DevSecOps managed services has been made to enable your DevOps team to redefine their operations & security to build a secure delivery workflow.

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