With DevSecOps, security finds its rightful place 

Because it is becoming increasingly important in the eyes of the business lines and it can no longer be a perpetual brake on the time to-market, security is becoming a major issue in application development.

By placing it back at the heart of projects and industrializing it, the DevSecOps approach makes it possible to reconcile the speed and quality of developments.

But for all those involved, it is also a major change

Security has always been the poor relation of development projects, relegated to the back end of the budget and planning. As a result, it is estimated that 85% of applications have at least one vulnerability.

Knowing, moreover, that it takes an average of one to three months for it to be corrected, we can measure the danger posed by this past neglect in manners.

However, as we see a major reshuffle in application cycles, security is increasingly coming to the fore.

Indeed, the number 1 objective of new agile and DevOps approaches being to reduce the time-to-market of new developments, we must clear out of the way anything that could still hinder it. However, security, with its requirements and controls, is one of the main obstacles to speed.

To accomplish the following, our DevSecOps platform helps:



Ease DevSecOps for Enterprise

Extend the strength of the platform by reducing the time spent on administrative tasks to accelerate the production and deployment of applications 


DevSecOps Initiatives Scale

To scale DevSecOps importance and achieve your transition goals, add connectivity and insight to 

Boost efficiency and collaboration through various toolchains with out-of-the-box integrations and views 


Act at the Speed of DevSecOps

Don’t let your product releases hold up with change management processes; automated development, monitoring, and approval of change lets you deliver creativity without sacrificing quality 


Risk Minimization

Develop and deploy, while reducing risk, at speed. The correct information from the DevSecOps toolchain is collected and connected automatically to maintain an end-to-end audit trail, all with the AIOps Platform in one place. 

Why iSmile Technologies?

At iSmile Technologies, we understand that it is important to have the knowledge about all aspects of your business. One of the most important aspects is how your security is run and what it is setup to catch and find. We lay out a detailed plan and consult with you every step of the way staying as transparent as possible so that you can feel comfortable knowing what is happening. We make sure we understand your needs and then execute with a zero-fault approach.

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