DevOps Infrastructure Automation Assessment

What is DevOps Infrastructure Automation Assessment? 

In the growing, IT industry, delivering quality products and that too with high speed is now important than ever before. For that most of the organization has adopted DevOps automation (development + operation) which helps to scale up this process seamlessly but on the other hand as it directly impacts our customer service and product development, we need to assess this develops automation architecture on day-to-day basis that assessment itself is known as DevOps Infrastructure Automation Assessment

Why we need it? 

Developing an It product and publishing it is an evolving process so we need to assure that this DevOps automation infrastructure which we are using for this evolving process is up to the mark or not, means Is it covers all our requirements? Is it up to date? Is it working perfectly? OR Is it doing exactly what it supposed to do? 

Answers for these questions help us to improve/ assessing our DevOps infrastructure 

Key Benefits 

  • Helps to set up a Proper Roadmap for achieving complete and effective DevOps automation for business purposes. 
  • Gives proper cost to business and ROI comparison. 
  • Provide plan to improve system productivity/effectivity

How it can be done? 

Assessment can be done in various ways by manually take self-assessment or using automation Questionnaire tools, etc. 

Basically, what we need to do is to ask questions from various teams working under DevOps infrastructure. These questions can be related to the following- 

  • Project Completeness and the release frequency help to give ROI figures. 
  • Percentage of successful and unsuccessful deployments. 
  • MTTR value (Mean Time to Recovery) from an unexpected incident or a failure from the time of occurrence. 
  • Time taken from development of code to production. 

  • Frequency on which code is being deployed and why. 

There can be many points similar to this which can be used for assessing DevOps infrastructure automation, these points will vary from business to business, domain to domain, product to product but all of these have the same objective and i.e. to find out how effective, proactive and productive is our DevOps Infrastructure Automation. 

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