Virtual Consultation Overview

Now more than ever, we need all kinds of healthcare services that can be delivered virtually. A doctor’s virtual consultation is a comfortable and efficient way to provide therapy. Fitness instruction could also be easily and effectively delivered virtually. Demand for virtual consultation is growing for a means to avoid the expense, burden, and time spent traveling to and from the doctor’s office. Virtual consultation makes healthcare more accessible for people who are unable to drive or have difficulties walking. The shortage of doctors and practitioners in rural areas may be partially compensated by the virtual consultations.  Virtual healthcare can be used mainly for meetings and consultations, check-ins, and status reports, rather than for in-depth diagnosis or treatments. Still, as technology evolves, more serious conditions like diabetes are falling under the influence of virtual healthcare. Virtual healthcare enables specialists to monitor situations or procedures from remote locations. Patient monitoring at home has also been shown to be useful for treating patients with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension, where re-hospitalizations often occur due to a lack of communication or transparency about the patient’s condition. Hospitals can easily provide continuous streamlined services to patients who are suffering from chronic conditions and whose health should be tracked continuously. Virtual Consultation technology can be used to:  manage patients’ blood sugar levels by setting weight loss goals and assigning exercises. track calories count and a number of steps walked with the help of Google Fit.  track mother’s and baby’s health during pregnancy and after delivery. daily check and report vital signs. give discounts on medicines or next online consultation if patients reach their exercise goals.  iSmile Technologies developed a sensor technology that was built in our COVID-19 analyzer device. Stay tuned for updates!
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