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Snowflake Services

Snowflake is a Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services data warehousing service. We will serve as your Snowflake technology partner, assisting you in managing and implementing Snowflake with little risk and expense while maximizing efficiency and performance to meet your particular business goals better. 

Before migration, it is vital to determine which processes will be impacted, the order in which they will be migrated, the cost implications, and the assessment of success criteria.

Why Snowflake for business?

Performance and Scalability: 
Accelerate data loading, add additional users, and process many requests. Your Data Scientists will never be required to wait for the completion of other loading and processing processes. Additionally, you may scale up or down your virtual warehouse and pay for the time you utilize.

Structured and Semistructured Data Storage and Support: 
Combine structured and semistructured data for analysis. And load data directly into the cloud without converting or modifying it to a set schema. Snowflake optimizes the storage and querying of data automatically.

Easy Data sharing: 
Snowflake’s patented design allows seamless data exchange across Snowflake users. If you want to share data with a non-Snowflake client, you may do so by creating reader accounts directly from your user interface.

Security and Availability: 
Snowflake Data Cloud is intended to survive component and network failures while minimizing customer impact. It is SOC 2 Type II certified and offers enhanced security features such as PHI data support for HIPAA clients. Additionally, data encryption is possible.

Snowflake Services:

Snowflake Consulting: 
We assist you in maximizing the value of Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform by connecting it with your existing tools and applications. This allows you to make use of Snowflake’s flexibility to give more actionable data insights.

Data warehouse Architecture: 
We are skilled in building one-tier, two-tier, and three-tier data warehouses. We’ll find the optimal mix of Sourcing, Acquisition, Clean-up, and Transformation (ETL) Tools, Data Warehouse Databases, Meta Data, Query Tools, and Reporting/Analysis/Mining Tools for your aim. Apart from using the cloud’s advantages, our complete architectural solution will include centralized storage, resource scalability for computation and storage, near-unlimited concurrency, data loading, and querying, BCP, a strong metadata service, and transparent storage-as-a-service.

Data Ingestion Design: 
Frequently cited as the first step in developing a solid data strategy, our Data Ingestion Design will serve as the foundation for your analytics architecture. This is crucial since downstream reporting and analytics systems depend on accurate and consistent data. Depending on the model or architecture used, your business needs will dictate whether data is ingested in batches or in real-time.

This section mainly focuses on data migration from your on-premise data warehouse and other cloud service providers to Snowflake Cloud Data. Our migration process entails Planning, Script Conversion, Data Migration, and Data Ingestion. Our extensive experience with cloud integration, data validation, reporting, and analytics enables us to use the most appropriate solutions for these procedures.

Data Warehouse Implementation: 
Apart from migrating data to your new Snowflake data warehouse, we enhance and improve your current ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) procedures.

Why should you choose iSmile Technologies:

We cover everything – business requirements, end-state design, robust data model, efficient SQL scripts, testing and validation, data security, secure data sharing, reporting requirements, integrations, performance, monitoring, and support. 

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