Modern Data Platform

The modern data platform is said to be architecture with another level of insurance that a company needs to be proactive. It is highly known as a functional architecture because it has all components to support it.

In simple words,  a modern data platform is made in such a way to allow companies and organizations to achieve golden value in the market. 

Ideal Characteristics of MDP

Here’s what a modern data platform provides and what we can expect.

  1. A single source to your future state.
  2. A roadmap to your future state.
  3. A scalable data environment.
  4. Insightful data visualization.
  5. Building a  modern data foundation for business intelligence and predictive analytics will ensure your organization can make better decisions now and in the future.
  6. Enable self-service for a diverse range of users by making it possible for the users to understand the data associated with context with ease and derive insights with full independence. 
  7. Talking about reducing the data complexity and making it agile. It is only possible with the well-built modern data platform
  8. Availability and Elasticity are the governing principles in a modern data platform. Modern data warehouses are designed for the purpose to store and compute large amounts of data. And the computer is based on a cloud platform to allow autoscaling and shows elasticity. 
  9. The last and the most important is its flexibility.

We all desire a platform that is easy to set up, and you need to pay only for what you use.

What is Data Ingestion?

When data is transferred to a storage medium to access and analyze that data, the process is then called data ingestion. 
Taking the data from various in-house systems into a business-wide reporting and analytics platform can be the best example to explain the term “ data ingestion”. 

In simple words, Data ingestion means moving different sets of data from a database or any other platform to a centralized destination. But besides all this, it is considered a serious challenge to manage data ingestion due to the expansion of a variety of sources and processing platforms. 

Therefore, modern data ingestion has been introduced that help you in the following way:

  • It reduces the time required to develop and implement the pipelines. 
  • The modern data platform is able to create a more reliable data movement architecture.
  • It can also handle data drift with elegance.
  • Moreover, To constantly manage the dataflow performance is also a work that is now involved in modern data ingestion.
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