Covid -19 Analyzer

Covid-19 Analyzer developed by us detects Covid-19 at early stages. It initiates quick diagnosis to stop the spread of virus. It uses real time live data for processing and getting immediate results. The final report generated by Covid-19 Analyser contains the details of user vitals and estimate as to how much is user prone to Covid-19. The Covid -19 Analyzer helps in 

  • Generating data that play a crucial role in reducing the spread of infection  
  • Generates a database of users recovered from Covid-19 
  • Details out the immune system performance of these users 

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Features of the product

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Temperature sensor

The temperature sensor measures the user’s temperature.

Facial Recognition Sensor

The facial recognition sensors estimate the tiredness, lack of sleep, fatigue, bluish lips, indicative of the Covid-19 symptoms.

Pulse rate

The pulse rate sensor records the heartbeat rate of the user.

Oximeter sensor

It estimates the level of oxygen in blood.

Voice recognition

It detects if the user has a sore throat or cough respectively.

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Our products are efficient, durable, ensure peak experience and are apt to solve your most intricate problems and require very low maintenance.

It can help businesses undertake complete check-up of their employees 

It helps isolating users who are showing symptoms of Covid-19 and restrict the spread of infections 

The analyser doesn’t require any tough protocols to use and can be used in any environment 

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