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Your best-suited cloud partner for providing an array of top cloud-based solutions ranging from advising, managing and transforming to cloud services from leading vendors and technologies such as AWS, Azure, GCP and many more.

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Thinking of implementing a dynamic infrastructure to operate with improved flexibility, scalability, faster time-to-market, fostering new business opportunities along with responding to the ever-changing business needs? Our Cloud Strategy addresses these key questions of CIOs and business leaders around the globe. Our expert team ensures better ROI and performance of your organisation addressing the current state and engineering a well-suited roadmap depending upon the choice of hybrid, public or private cloud solutions with minimum disruptions and unexpected obstacles. 

Cloud Migration

Thinking of effortless and hustle-free cloud migration of your entire enterprise infrastructure, workload and components? Our Cloud Migration will help your organization to successfully migrate to leading industrial automated services such as Azure, AWS, GCP etc. with exclusive tools and methods significantly reducing your processing time and migration efforts. 

Cloud Transformation

Scale up your business and services to incorporate changing demands and innovations with minimum plausible operational overheads through our Cloud Transformation Services. iSmile Technologies offers you a plethora of cloud transformation services such as IaaS, Saas, PaaS, Big Data, IoT, Automated Build & Deploy, Automated Healthcare, Authentication management, Content Management, Release Management, Disaster Recovery, Message queuing and the list goes on. We accelerate your enterprise for the urgency of digital transformation for adoption of latest tools and technologies. 

Cloud Security

Rethinking about the security vulnerabilities of migrating to cloud? We value and protect your business in the most resilient way. The security aspect of cloud based services is our paramount subject of concern to help you grow with confidence. Our proven solutions by global team of cybersecurity experts and secure tools help your business to leverage advanced technologies to the zenith. 

What Our Experts Say

Cloud Forensics

Cloud Forensics

Overview   The concept of cloud has truly transformed the technology world and so did the increasing rates of digital and cybercrime. To combat this huge loss, cloud services providers as well as consumers need to establish intelligence that is capable to perform...

Kubernetes Security

Kubernetes Security

Kubernetes is an open-source container or microservice platform that manages computing, networking, and storage infrastructure workloads. Kubernetes provides a framework to run distributed systems resiliently.    Security Challenges  Kubernetes environment security is...

Our Success Stories

Cloud-based CMS solution for a healthcare company with 200 clients, each having more than 10000 users around the world.


Cloud-based CMS solution for a healthcare company with 200 clients, each having more than 10000 users around the world. 

Cloud-based Big Data Solution with predictive insights for processing the data on a scheduled basis. 

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