Cloud Monitoring: Choosing from the Different Types Metrics

Cloud monitoring is a process of observing, reviewing, and managing the operational flow of work in a cloud-based infrastructure. Cloud monitoring tools helps you to keep track of your cloud resources and services. Cloud environments are tricky for their lack of visibility and control.  

Information related to cloud monitoring provides for the following activities:

  • Datacentre management  
  • Troubleshooting  
  • Billing and accounting  
  • Security management  
  • Performance management  

Metrics for cloud monitoring 

Metrics provide knowledge on capabilities such as availability, quality of service, uptime, reliability, and other essential properties of the services being delivered over the internet.  
The information if collected at two levels:  

  • At the higher level 
  • At the lower level  

Different types of metrics are: 

Metrics on a virtual machine: The performance of applications running on the cloud Virtual Machines (VMs) depends on the host performance. Some VMs can use these resources excessively or requires extra resources. The metrics should support:  

  • Automated resource management  
  • Provisioning  
  • Autoscaling capabilities 

Metrics from cloud vendors:Service providers often limit visibility and control over the hardware of the cloud systems. Users can choose metrics by category, groups, and types generated frequently with the necessary descriptive information. It can also be perceived as a cloud metric. 

Metrics on application performance: On high levels, metrics generated valuable information into application performance. This information can be used to: 

  • Fine-tune applications 
  • Identify issues  
  • Escalate problem resolutions  


Monitoring cloud infrastructure is a great deal when it comes to extensive data. Cloud metrics and cloud monitoring tools help users easily control cloud-based infrastructure. Metrics provide knowledge on capabilities and essential properties of services provided on the internet.  

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