Top Use Cases for Cloud Deployment

Top Use Cases for Cloud Deployment

“With the cloud, individuals and small businesses can snap their fingers and instantly set up enterprise-class services.”      _Roy Stephan, Founder and CEO of Pierce Matrix 

Whether it is the clouds we see in the sky or over the internet, a virtual era is on the horizon and probably is far too ahead when it comes to running businesses. The clouds over the internet could be private, public and hybrid in nature, all are there to fuel the engine of businesses to run them at top speed. 

 Let’s discusses some of the top use cases of common public cloud which are tremendously benefiting organizations these days are as follows:- 

  1. Web hosting on the cloud; these days, everyone want a 24 hours available web connectivity which does not have any internal system interaction to do its job can surely choose hosting on the cloud. It is ready to scale and grows on demand, which is why it is the most common use case for public cloud computing to host websites and web apps.  
  1. DR (Disaster recovery); In the case of a cyber-attack or a natural disaster or any software failure that can result in endangering your data either to be misused or to lose. For those times, data recovery is far more an important back plan to have for your business, that’s one of the reasons why, cloud providers offer a wide range of disaster recovery options which are built into their services.  
  1. Web development and QA testing; a new functionality is built to test your software product especially when developing teams are situated in different places and zones. Within your enterprise app, you can store data and software before its official release in a cloud. All of the team members can have access the cloud to make their changes which will be visible in real time to the people who are involved in that specific project.  
  1. Short-term projects; a cloud service offers amazing tools for short-term projects which are easy to set up in minutes or hours within cloud environments, ready to use and to deploy.  
  1. Global web resources; when it comes to global giant online businesses the  target audience seems to be dispersed across the territories and are quiet international in their disposition. Smaller distance makes the delivery of data quicker similar to the content delivery network (CDN). Cloud computing is an expert in working well for global we resources. 
  1. Spikes and drops in traffic; to provide the best cost optimisation, many businesses should take seasonality into account, especially in considering e-commerce sites. Public cloud assist you to save money when the marketing gets affected by seasons for occasional traffic peaks and drops.  
  1. Historical data archiving; many organisations move their data to the cloud store to save it for a long period. Public cloud provides the facility to archive your company’s historical data which you probably don’t require much but needs to be saved for the future use.  
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