Top reasons why Credit Unions migrating to the Cloud

Top reasons why Credit Unions migrating to the Cloud

          “I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster…carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine  by comparison.”    _ Steve jobs, late chairman of Apple 

Here are the five reasons why should host your core technology in the cloud which are as follows:- 

  1. Enhanced data security; within the financial sector, data security places a high priority for the businesses across different cultures. There are tremendous benefits that an enterprise gets once they switch over to cloud, few of them are listed below, 
  • Data is stored remotely, securely and redundantly for the great operational benefits.  
  • It stores critical systems, member data, documents as well as images. 
  • It effectively safeguards your critical data making it available only to you and the members. 
  1. The cloud will make your IT staff more efficient; migrating to a cloud service provider is one of those big decisions your enterprise completely depends upon. Choosing to let CSP to host your core technology will create operational efficiency and in the long run will provide huge cost-savings. Your IT team will free enough to work on other improvements and projects, this will in turn save your time and energy in dealing with daily maintenance, vendor management or disaster recovery plans. You will not require the help of third-party vendors which will eventually reduce your cost. 
  1. The cloud will reduce the cost of replacing out-dated software and hardware; by switching over to cloud services will automatically reduce your worries and cost of updating your hardware and operating system up-to-date. For that matter cloud service providers ensures the newest software fixes and security patches are in the right place and are available to use. 
  1. Training for your staff is provided by experts who know their product; whenever a new platform or an application is introduced, there is a pressure for your IT staff to educate themselves about the product and how to use it effectively.  When you migrate to a cloud service provider you can the benefit training of your IT staff by trained experts who have a huge knowledge base of their product. They are there to answer your queries and to help you troubleshoot the problem as soon as it arises.  
  1. The cloud is a great option that is cost-effective and reliable, and not just for backup and disaster recovery purposes; data centres that store and run your applications  possesses high redundant connectivity, reliable backup generators, no point of failure and the expert staff that is there to address your queries as soon as it rise. Furthermore, you will be able to have full access to your data and can trust its reliability as it automatically generates backup and make the data accessible only through your desktop.  
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