Enterprise Cloud Value Drivers

Top 6 Enterprise Cloud Value Drivers

It seems inevitable that every organization will want to adopt cloud strategy, even at present they have, or they don’t. Cloud strategy’s share of benefits drives enterprises for cloud adoption as it helps identify and prioritize your reasons, which were the key factors that initiated this urge to move to the cloud. These reasons are the cloud value drivers for an enterprise. Let’s learn more about these drivers in detail; 

Why are Cloud value drivers so important?

 Is it crucial to know the real reasons you would even want to have cloud computing in the first place? Quite often, organizations fail to clarify the prominent drivers are driving them to adopt the cloud. These drivers assist you in keeping your cloud strategy on track and remind you of the vision you initially started with. It also helps resolve conflicts within your driving forces by prioritizing the best options available to you to make the right decision for your organization.  

Top 6 enterprise cloud value drivers 

Six drivers bring value to the cloud, out of which three are business-focused drivers, and the other three are technology-focused drivers. Lets’ discuss each of them in detail:- 

Business-focused drivers 

1. Business growth
Organizations soon realize after deploying or adopting cloud services that it accelerates their business growth. Business growth is the key reason why organizations lean more towards the cloud. It does the job of cutting out unnecessary expenditures and helps identify where more growth opportunities lay for making investments. 

2. Efficiency 
Cloud adoption strategy drives efficiency by removing obstacles and increasing productivity to fulfil customer requirements faster and better. It supports and promotes business growth in a way that is more so based on experience initiatives of customers to bring the best value at hand. 

3. Experience 
One of the most influential business drivers is that what gives the best experience to its customers. The introduction of new channels to engage and improve workplaces helps to control cost and supply better productivity.

Technology-focused drivers

4. Agility 
A technology that responds faster and changes as per the needs requires is an ideal driver to bring to the IT sector. Agility is one the most prominent drivers that help attain the goals and accommodate the changes at a faster and efficient level. It provides an internal customer experience that enhances the quality and introduces new technology when the customer wants. 

5. Cost 
Organizations often choose cloud over other forms of technology platforms because it helps reduce unnecessary costs for restructuring the expenses. Organizations prefer cost reduction as one of the primary drivers to reinvest the savings for better opportunities to gain more ROI on their reinvestments and overall growth. 

6. Assurance 
Adoption of cloud strategy comes with its merits, as it secures your data and maintains uptimes throughout the 24 hours for better agility and customer experience. However, originations still need to be cautious of the legal and regulatory rules and regulations to check whether they are working in compliance with those regulations or not. 


We have learned about the top six enterprise cloud value drivers that help transitions keep track of all the things they are doing and what they should be doing to improve their business in the future. These six drivers are divided into two categories, as the first category of cloud value drives is more business growth-oriented. In contrast, the other category is more focused on technology-based drivers. 

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