Tips for Enterprises to control Cloud Costs fast

The modern cloud platform offers several features & vast scale of operations. Using the cloud, the IT managers of today can solve the enormous challenges that plague the business world. But keeping aside all the benefits & ‘top-of-the-stack’ features that the cloud offers, there is a chance that novice tech enthusiasts may leave a trial of services & artifacts that could lead to a bloating cost envelope. Let’s see some tips on how we can control the cloud cost appropriately. 

Resource Scheduling Automation 

You need to do thorough availability planning around different environments. So, what could be some IT environments in a normal business setup? – We can have a production application environment, non-production development, testing, and pre-production staging. Do we need to keep all these environments running all the time? Surely not. Only production needs to be kept alive all the time. And even in production, all the applications are not required to be up all the time. 

 Here, the simple idea is application owners & product teams must implement automatic scheduling options to optimize the application usage. Just like any utility, cloud service is also metered, so why would we keep the resources running outside the office hours incurring hourly charges even when they are not used. Therefore, it is completely realistic to do a 60-80% cost savings by automating resource scheduling of non-production workloads in the cloud. 

Preparing data for faster time to insights 

Protecting company data is a top priority for IT teams. Cloud providers have excellent data protection & data lifecycle management capabilities, but getting these strategies on the ground can be somewhat complicated & unmanageable. However, the good thing is that these activities are very easy to automate fulfilling basic data protection requirements without paying for unwanted out-of-control backup storage. 

The question is what are the tasks which can be automated? – To begin with, we can automate the virtual machines snapshots. But then, it could be problematic to take a snapshot while the disk read-write activities are on. Hence, to take a snapshot, the virtual machine can be stopped, snapshot taken, and then it can be restarted. We can leverage automation, to do these tasks. Similarly, we can leverage automation to manage the data lifecycle of the virtual machine snapshot data. 

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Task Automation 

The leading cloud service providers are offering a multitude of services, and therefore, it has become difficult to ensure that each service is carefully provided & managed. Task automation can greatly lower operational requirements. One example of this is unused AWS Elastic Block Storage (EBS) volumes. These are not automatically deleted when the associated Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is deleted. 

Probably, these tasks are tedious & boring so they don’t get a lot of attention. They are not talked about in meetings, and they usually get overlooked. By automating these tasks significant line items on monthly bills can be saved, and by adopting automation, these quick-wins & other significant cost-saving measures can be achieved. So, task automation can surely prevent a situation where the company CFO is shocked by out-of-control cloud spending & the IT leadership doesn’t know why it’s happening. 

The way to succeed in cloud spend controlling is simple – you will have to automate the simple cost-controlling measures in your cloud adoption journey very fast, and as early as possible. You will have to arrange for resource scheduling, backups, and account hygiene task automation. ISmile technologies can help you to control cloud cost with its top-class consultations. Our basic idea is very simple – leverage automation, not people to do tedious tasks, and utilize your de valeur resources for more creative tasks. Contact today for free assessment.

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