Terraform_Advantages of Cloud IaC

Terraform: Advantages of Cloud Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Terraform is an infrastructure as code technology that is used to create immutable infrastructure. It allows coding the infrastructure in a readable language called HashiCorp Configuration Language. It helps in managing all the resources of major cloud providers.  

Terraform is efficiently used to create, manage and update various infrastructure resources, including VMs, network switches, physical machines, containers, Kubernetes, and more.  

This blog post will look towards the advantages of Terraform services and why it is beneficial for your cloud environment. 

Advantages of Terraform

Terraform adds value to complex organizations with several large teams. The following are some of the benefits of Terraform for your business organization: 

Integrated Workspaces 
You can achieve enhanced operational efficiencies with the help of Terraform’s integrated workspaces and modules. An integrated workplace can be used to build a modular infrastructure. It also ensures the creation and updates the configuration files, input variables, and state files. It also reduces the configuration time by 80% and helps in managing infrastructure resources. 

Immutable infrastructure 
Immutable creation of infrastructure is one of the main advantages of Cloud Infrastructure as Code and Terraform. This feature allows the businesses to change an infrastructure that does not change the current configuration of the cloud infrastructure. Terraform has the advantage of replacing the configuration whenever the environment changes. In addition, previous configurations are stored as versions, allowing rollback if desired and necessary. 

Reduces cloud cost 
One of the best advantages of Terraform services is reduced cloud infrastructure provisioning costs. It ensures to fulfil all the infrastructure requirements like optimization, testing, and experimentation in reducing cost. It also allows new infrastructure provisioning faster, easier, and at a reduced cost.  

Terraform reduces up to 30% of module building and managing costs. Along with that, it offers best operational practices to effectively configure the cloud infrastructure tools.  


The platform enables automatic provisioning of the infrastructure required for the application within a cloud ecosystem, including networking and storage solutions. 

With Terraform, your IT team can efficiently manage multiple cloud environments. Automatic configuration and provisioning can reduce resource deployment from days to minutes. The tool is especially helpful for large organizations to effectively manage the cloud ecosystem with the same configuration files. The modular approach enables quality control and promotes close team collaboration. 

Contact iSmile Technologies if you want to leverage the Terraform platform to effectively manage the cloud infrastructure. After reading the benefits of Terraform platform services, it will not be difficult to make the right decision. 

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