Skybox for cloud

Skybox for cloud

Skybox security solution helps enterprises transform their security scenario with potent security management solutions which enable you to gain high levels of visibility as your organisation inducts new technologies or operate in multi-cloud or hybrid domains. 

It enables you to expand your networks without security concerns and maximises your return on cybersecurity investments in the infrastructure. 

Skybox accumulates and aggregates trillion data points from network devices data, analyses them intricately and 360 degree and generate actionable insights for the organisation.  

Skybox enables creation of a logical hybrid infrastructure, IT assets, and security controls model. It does scanless assessment of threats and vulnerabilities of containers and assets on cloud. Scanless vulnerability discovery coupled with traditional scanning help you overcome the problems in detecting vulnerabilities in multi–cloud environments. Skybox enables filling in blind spots in scanner with the help of on demand scan less vulnerability assessment. 

Contextual Visibility and Dynamic Modelling 

Skybox has more than 140 technology integrations. It collects data from cloud, security and different networking technologies from all the reputed cloud service providers like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. It allows complete contextual visibility of deployments and assets across networks and clouds. With data aggregation from multiple networks and sources, creation of a dynamic model of your network is possible. This automatically updating model helps in maintaining complete control, compliance and visibility as you expand into multi-cloud domains. 

Visualisation model 

The skybox visualisation models procures or sources in data from 

• Gateways (cloud connections; gateways)  

• Firewalls and routers 

• Access control lists  

• Network address translation (NAT)  

• Elastic load balancing (ELB)  

• Subnets and Security groups  

• Virtual Machines  

• Containers  

• Data from various threat sources  

And many more.. 

The customized dashboards and filters help you sort out risk-oriented access rules, existent vulnerabilities and risks to compliance 

Skybox network map 

The Skybox network map helps you visualise your entire multi-cloud or hybrid infrastructure including physical assets, OT networks, geographic locations and applications connectivity and an in-depth path information from source to their destination. This helps organisations monitor and resolve connectivity issues across the networks. It also helps on gathering vital information of the access routes including details on various security groups which have been accessed. It allows you to perform ad hoc queries representing applications connectivity between the source and destination alongwith an in-depth path analysis of the devices etc. 

Unification of security policy management 

Skybox helps in unifying the security policy management. It helps in unification of maintenance, control and viewing of the security policy across your cloud networks. The processed data is presented in a single customizable dashboard view representing the entire organisation’s internal standards compliance posture. Skybox easily accesses the connectivity of your networks and applications, access and compliance rules and information on security policy along east-west or north-south path on the network. The analysis you draw can be coupled with the change process in the organisation to help you to fasten the change and minimise the risk of outages 

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