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Multi-cloud: A Flexible Future for Enterprises

Enterprises nowadays are using multi-cloud platforms to bring flexibility to their strategies. According to a report, the multi-cloud market will be almost $4.5 billion by 2022. As most enterprises consider multi-cloud as their priority, it is essential to learn how to connect to their clouds to work with maximum potential. 

multi-cloud network must be an effective yet flexible design that resonates with the enterprise’s IT strategies. It should help the organization achieve immediate and future goals while staying competitive. 

How multi-cloud is helping enterprises to shine?

Public cloud platforms lack flexibility and scalability. Also, replying to them alone could carry risks due to potential outages and security issues. A multi-cloud approach allows enterprises to access multiple public clouds that best fit their IT needs, be it storage or application. While implementing their IT strategies, enterprises need flexible cloud networking solutions. 

Also, enterprises look for agility to improve workload between clouds and move faster to reach their goals. These factors are essential to ensure business continuity. Multi-cloud benefits are unlimited. A multi-cloud networking solution enables enterprises to arrange their data, solutions, and infrastructures across multiple cloud environments. Multi-cloud security adds extra strength to backbone of a business.  

Some of the most essential features of multi-cloud platforms are:

  • Repeatable and simplified cloud networking architecture  
  • Control the cloud at VPC/VNET level.  
  • Secure network segmentation is not limited to cloud boundaries.  
  • Good operation visibility to simply the cloud networks.  


The multi-cloud strategy helps enterprises by giving them access to multiple cloud environments. It provides the flexibility to distribute their workload. These platforms help people get their work done fast by providing them with smooth transactions between platforms. A multi-cloud manager consists of set of tools which helps businesses to easily migrate across platforms.  

If you need further assistance regarding 
multi-cloud strategy, please visit our website: https://www.ismiletechnologies.com/. We are a firm providing IT solutions to enterprises which helps them boost their business. 

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