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Leveraging Cloud Data Platforms to drive value for the Enterprises

There has always been the need for actionable data. Enterprises have a lot of data but in crude form, and they spend a lot of resources to get that data into an actionable format to make it useful for analytics. But the quest is far from over. The majority of the enterprises in a recent survey said that making data available for analytics is a key challenge that they face. The journey to modernize data is not easy. Today, ‘analytics-ready’ data is the need of the hour. For this, businesses will have to get the siloed data in one place, and make it structured to apply business logic. Data transformation done on cloud data platforms has multi-pronged benefits for businesses – it helps in accurate forecasting, and provides necessary insights to drive business growth.

Cloud-native solutions 

Cloud technology is best suited to work with modern data infrastructure. Legacy data warehouses have several problems – scaling is difficult & getting a single view of the data is also problematic. Cloud native solutions use the power of the cloud to handle big & varied data volumes. This is especially true with cloud ELT (extract, load, transform) solutions. In this approach, data is moved directly to the cloud data warehouse, and then the necessary transformation is performed. When enterprises use cloud-native tools, it becomes easy to glean insights from data, and, therefore, save on provisioning costs. Companies moving legacy data environments to cloud platforms have reported an 80-90% cut in spending. Moreover, with a single view of data, they can get insights that open the door to unlimited possibilities. 

Preparing data for faster time to insights 

Data preparation is a time-consuming affair. Preparing data for analytics may take weeks depending on the volume. With legacy systems, precious data engineering resources get wasted on data preparations that could be otherwise better spent on innovating with data. Since the work is code-heavy & manual, data preparation is challenging for organizations. Cloud-native ELT solutions can reduce the burden of data preparation, and provide a much faster & low-code alternative to preparing data. These solutions take the advantage of the cloud, and have intuitive & automated data preparation processes, which eliminates the need for coding.

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Cloud Analytics  

New data sources are of course better but challenging for organizations to integrate with their business. Today, we need recent & accurate data to work on as the pace of the data has increased significantly. An analytics platform built in the cloud can provide a highly efficient pipeline of high-quality data which can be used in a timely manner, and can provide quick insights. Cloud data transformation tools can load data in real-time from all external sources, this way businesses will get fresh data to analyze, and they will not have to rely on the old data sources. These cloud data transformation tools help to reduce the data ingestion process by using reusable components built in the cloud. This helps in reducing ETL administration freeing up resources for doing more value-creating jobs. 

Cloud data platforms provide enterprises from different industries with accelerated time to value, scalability and cost savings that validate their investment in such solutions. ISmile Technologies with its deep expertise in the cloud can help you leverage cloud data platforms to avail these & more benefits for your business. We have an expert team of cloud data engineers who can help you move to these platforms & get maximum value out of it.  Get in touch for free assessment.

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