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Key Containerization Benefits for Your Enterprise

The urge to transform business operations has pushed organizations in every industry to gear up for infrastructure enhancements. This scenario started gaining momentum with the digital trend, creating room for application-specific business transformation. Today, timely product delivery & regular feature update have become essential for achieving business continuity. At this crucial juncture, the concept of Containerization technology unveiled an easy way to succeed in application delivery. Furthermore, the benefits of containerization were significant enough for enterprises to adopt cloud containerization than opt for other technologies. Containers are a lightweight alternative to Virtual Machines (VMs), and this technology addresses application management issues, making applications faster and more effective than ever. We have seen traditional infrastructure with applications and related file dependencies stored in a single VM, but the containerized services package each application & its assets in different containers. The containerization technology has higher adaptability for additional distribution across VMs or physical servers. In this blog, we will see the critical containerization benefits for enterprises.

1. Portability 

Cloud containerization can abstract applications away from the host Operating System, and by doing so, it makes apps run smoothly on any platform or even in cloud. The OS containerization technology also helps avoid integration and other discrepancies hindering the app’s functionality. Therefore, containerized apps are highly portable and very effective when they are run across different servers. 

2. Scalability 

Containerization technology has the benefit of higher application scalability. When having a service-oriented application design, containerized apps can handle greater workloads. This is achieved by reconfiguring the current architecture to permit additional resources or adding more containers within the distributed machines cluster. With this reconfiguration, you can make effective containerization technology. 

3. Faster Deployment 

Containers are called ‘lightweight’ because they can speed up the application configuration and deployment processes. A Docker container creates a master version of an image (main application) which can be quickly deployed on demand through containerization services. A container environment gives you higher flexibility for creating different new containerized deployment instances of an app as and when required. 

4. High Productivity 

Containerization technology can facilitate a rapid development environment to create more applications. As we know, portable apps need the platform’s source code for running; with cloud containerization, developers can change and track the platform’s source code changes, boosting productivity. By decreasing the dependency on the central server or OS, they save time while installing apps on different cloud containerization platforms. 

5. Enhanced Security 

As containerized apps run self-sufficiently in separate containers, each will get its level of security. With this feature of containerized application isolation, apps can share additional features without any risk factor. Suppose you find yourself working with the development team external to your network. In that case, you will have to share the required resources without any vital info in your network. 

6. Continuity

As different containers run independently of each other, the failure of one will not affect the continuity of others. Developers can then rectify errors in the identified container without leading to downtime for other containers. Therefore, it is seen that containers ensure continuity in operations. 

7. Easy management 

Container orchestration tools do the application management work and help automate the installation, scaling, and management of containerization workloads. The containerization services let you do logging, debugging, version updates, and more about containerized apps. For example, Kubernetes is one of the very popular containerization tools.

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Enterprises & companies of various scales from different sectors are embracing containerization. The containerization tools availability & their benefits have fostered the growth of containerization, and this trend will continue to grow. But then, this is a relatively new technology, and not everyone has mastered it as yet. That’s a reason why companies contact ISmile Technologies for a containerization solution. Reach out to us, and we will provide a containerization solution that will work best for you. Schedule your free assessment today.

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