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Deploying Kentico CMS to Azure

Deploying Kentico CMS to Azure

Today we will be learning an easy way to deploy Kentico CMS to Azure first; let me introduce some definitions.  

What is Microsoft Azure 

Microsoft Azure, commonly referred to as Azure, is a cloud computing service introduced by Microsoft; to build, test, deploy, and manage applications and the services through Microsoft-managed data centres.  

What is CMS. 

A content management system (CMS) is computer software used to manage the creation and modification of digital content. 

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CMS is essentially a website application, which uses a database or other methods to create, edit and store content through an easy-to-manage method. Create and edit website content by managing website applications, and then display this content to visitors on the web page.  

From Kentico CMS to Kentico Xperience 

Kentico released its first CMS in August 2004. After years of development, Kentico has achieved many achievements; in 2008, Kentico became a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and opened a new office in the United States.  

In 2013, Kentico cooperated with more than 16,000 websites, more than 1,200 network partners, and 90 countries. Kentico released its latest version, 12.0, in November 2018, which is the most advanced and stable CMS on the market.  

To better develop a management system that is more suitable for the new digital world, Kentico decided to rename Kentico CMS to Kentico Experience in 2020.  

Compared with Kentico CMS, Kentico Experience is more powerful, like portals, Content Management, Analytics, Internet Application tools, etc.    

Step by Step deploying Kentico Xperience(Kentico CMS) to Azure 

  1. Open the Azure Quickstart template repository and search for Kentico. 
Deploying Kentico CMS to Azure
  1. Open the individual search results Kentico Experience and click ‘Deploy to Azure.’  
Deploying Kentico CMS to Azure
Deploying Kentico CMS to Azure
  1. Select your Azure subscription, resource group, and resource location. Provide your information and click ‘Review creates.’  
Deploying Kentico CMS to Azure

Now we have successfully deployed Kentico on Azure.   

Both Kentico and Azure are great tools; combining the two of them will result in a result of 1+1>2.  

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A thorough explanation about how Kentico gets deployed within Microsoft Azure: we have learned about the three steps to deploy CMS Kentico in Azure and how each of these technology centres can provide such an extraordinary customer experience. 

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