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Top Four Most Common Cloud Computing Models

Common Cloud Computing Models

Let’s have a look at the most common cloud computing service models, include  

Infrastructure as a service ( IAAS)

One of the cloud computing models provides computing, storage, and networking resources on the pay-as-you-go model. Migrating to IAAS helps reduce maintenance costs of on-premise data centres, helps in scaling IT resources with demand, enables quick provisioning of new applications, reduces costs involved in hardware purchase, and makes your IT infrastructure more reliable.  

IAAS helps you scale dynamically, reduces downtime, shifts from CAPEX to OPEX model, and improves the overall security. It allows self-service provisioning and a level playing field for SMBs to compete with big firms.  

Platform as a service (PAAS)

Platform as a service is a cloud computing model that offers complete cloud platform-middleware, hardware, and software tools. Moreover, PAAS offers servers, networks, OS software, storage, database management systems, and other resources to create complete application development and deployment environment in the cloud. 

 PAAS provides the environment to the development teams for creating, hosting, testing, deploying, running, updating, and scaling applications on the cloud. It helps developers focus on application development without getting ridden with cost, inflexibility, and complexity in building and maintaining the on-premise platform. PAAS accelerates your time to market, allows you more freedom to experiment and innovate with lesser risk. It reduces the application management cost by handling updates, security patches, and other admin tasks.  

Software as a service ( SAAS)

SAAS is a cloud computing model that offers users access to vendors’ cloud software on a subscription basis. Here the services are hosted by the cloud service provider. It enables end-users to connect and use cloud-based apps over the internet. The infrastructure, middleware, app data, and software are present in the service provider’s data centre. 

 SAAS allows users to access and use high-end enterprise applications and run them from their web browser without installation or downloading. It provides access to applications from anytime and anywhere. No loss of data is there if the user’s computer breaks down.  

Functions as a service ( FAAS)

FAAS is a cloud computing model that allows you to develop and manage the functionalities of applications. It places a function on a cloud instance or helps you execute codes for events. Functions as a service is a subset of serverless and also backend as a service, herein you take care of functions that make up the application.  

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