A brief introduction to Cloud

A brief introduction to Cloud and how it affects your business?

“Online business is the easiest trick to make money” is what a common man thinks. 

But what I believe is that it takes loads of hard work dedication, blood, sweat, and tears that no one looks at. This kind of business is like a stage show. It seems very simple but no one knows what’s going on backstage. The amount of practice they do to make it appear pragmatic and fascinating. 
So, the main reason I’m writing this post is to help you out in making it easier for you to grow your online business if you have an idea for a startup or are already indulged in an online business but facing issues. 

Today we are basically going to discuss the use of the cloud and how moving to the cloud can bring better results in your business. 

Brief Introduction to Cloud

Apart from the cloud found in the sky, there is one more cloud that is being most common in the technical field nowadays. It refers to the servers accessed over the internet. 

Cloud Computing means when you are able to store and access the data and programs over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.  

Digital Transformation Cloud Adoption

The majority of the value that the cloud generates is only because of the increased agility, innovation, and resilience provided to the business with sustained velocity. Mostly, this requires focusing cloud adoption on embedding reusability and composability so investment in modernizing can be rapidly scaled across the rest of the organization.

Here’s how the cloud affects Businesses?

  • It provides a Faster time to market: Cloud-native companies can release code into production an unlimited number of times per day using end-to-end automation. Even traditional enterprises have found that cloud platforms allow them to release new capabilities, enabling them to respond to customer demands and quickly test their services. 
  • Ability to create innovative business offerings: Each of the major cloud service providers offers hundreds of native services and marketplaces that provide access to third-party ecosystems with thousands more. 
  • It reduces the risk: While disrupting existing security practices and architectures cloud provides an opportunity to eliminate vast operational overhead to those that can design their platforms to consume cloud securely.
  • It provides efficient scalability: Cloud enables companies to automatically add capacity to meet surge demand rather than spending weeks to procure additional on-premises servers. This capability becomes crucial when the massive shift to digital channels creates sudden and unpredicted demand peaks.
  • Cloud adoption Accelerates business innovation: The technology that the cloud provides allows businesses to test out new resources as needed. The hybrid cloud technology also allows enterprises to transfer the innovations back to secure, on-premise storage when they have been thoroughly tested. 
  • It helps reduce the cost: The maximized storage space in the cloud significantly cuts energy expenditures and hereby helps reduce the hardware cost. 

However, there are few best reasons to move to the cloud which are- Cloud offers better insight, Cloud helps collaboration, Cloud drives better engagement, the Speed & the Cloud benefits are measurable, and the pay for themselves. 

It has been noticed in a survey that the companies who adopted the cloud were able to bring new capabilities to market more effectively with reduced technology risk.

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