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Cloud Center of Excellence Metrics and Cloud Transformation

A Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) is acting in a consultative role for central IT, business-unit IT, and cloud service consumers. A CCOE is a key to driving cloud-enabled IT transformation. The CCOE is an enterprise architecture function.  

The Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE) is an enterprise architecture function. Its responsibilities include setting cloud policy, guiding provider selection, and assisting with solution architecture and workload placement to improve outcomes and manage risks. The CCOE doesn’t have day-to-day operational responsibilities, nor is it a project management organization. This function should not be outsourced. The CCOE should oversee the organization’s cloud computing practices and actively solicit contributions from across the business. 

The following metrics help CCOE evaluate the overall cloud transformation  


  1. On-Premise Costs- Costs involved in infrastructure, teams and others 
  • Costs on premises hardware 
  • Frequency of replacement of the hardware 
  • Cost of capital investment in equipment 
  • Cost of facilities and power 
  • Cost per transaction 
  • IT Staffing Costs 
  • Percentage of total business spending in IT 
  1. On-Premise Transition Costs – The cost involved in converting the TCO of data centre into the operating cost. 
  1. Migration Costs 
  • Cost of refactoring, rehosting and rearchitecting applications 
  • Cost of training skills 
  • Cost of hiring new employees 
  • Cost of project management team formation 
  1. Vendor Cost 
  • Cost of hiring the vendors or CSPs 
Building a Cloud Centre of Excellence in 2020: 13 Pitfalls and Practical  Steps | Contino | Global Transformation Consultancy
  1. Operational Costs 
  • Monthly Cloud bills 
  • Cost of third-party partners and tools 
  • On-going staffing costs 
  • Energy Costs 
  1. Returns 
  • Customer growth 
  • Revenue 
  • Savings 
  • Decrement in latency and increment in availability quantified 
  • Cost per transaction of Cloud IT 
  • Operating Cash flows 
  • Net returns and profit from processes 
  1. Governance 
  • Visibility of your cloud inventory 
  • Detecting the cost of unused and underutilized resources 
  • Consolidation of Cloud billing, discount plans, usage threshold 
  • Accuracy of reporting 
  • Time required to audit the IT costs 
  • Meeting of compliance objectives on cloud 

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  1. Agility and performance 
  • Project Turnaround time 
  • Target performance 
  • Availability of service  
  • Responsiveness of market 
  • Open-Source Technologies and Tools 


  • Procurement of instances of right sizes 
  • Scaling them 
  • Replacing unhealthy instances 
  • Bursting on-premise workloads to cloud 
  • Secure provisioning and compliance of application environments 

Stakeholder Metrics 

  • Raising cloud awareness in the organisation 
  • Tools, Knowledge and technologies for collaboration and trainings 
  • Collaboration with stakeholders on key cloud decisions 
  • Appreciation of stakeholder feedback 

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