Why You Need SAAS Backup?

SaaS backup

Software as a service or SaaS is a technique of providing applications on the cloud. It saves hardware and software maintenance cost, just require a simple access through internet. Most organizations are adopting SaaS platforms like G Suite, Office 365, Zendesk and Salesforce for better workflow. Though it offers hassle free services, it is a misconception that organization’s data is completely secure on cloud. SaaS platform are comprehensively beneficial for an enterprise as it is flexible, scalable and can be synced with other mechanisms. Irrespective of array of benefits, the best in class SaaS services also cannot secure your data completely from data breaches. Enterprise needs to understand that keeping data on cloud doesn’t make it totally secure. The IT team is obligated to create a backup of data frequently. With enterprises making a smart move by digital transformation, hackers are also using smart methodology to perforate your data. This is why along with SaaS, organization also needs to obtain SaaS backup solutions to safeguard it. Here are few reasons listed below as to why one need SaaS backup: 

  • Human error: Errors done by mistake are inevitable. Often deletion of an account, a critical document or configuration can cost a company. Mistakes that seem simple can seldom turn into disastrous results. Without a backup in such scenarios, a company can lose data sanity.  
  • Malicious activity: Perforation in SaaS data can be intentionally done by discontented entities in the organization in order to harm it financially or malign its reputation. 
  • Synchronization issues: Often SaaS data is lost while syncing or updating multiple applications. It can be a result of disrupted internet connectivity or a number of other reasons.  
  • Smart hackers and ransomwareWith smart technology, hackers are also becoming smart. They are devising new ways to penetrate your data. Ransomware has increased over the years and even SaaS data is not immune to it. Hackers can steal your online credentials, encrypt your files and extort any amount of money from the organization to release it. 
  • Malware: Often some viruses are so strong that they infect the whole infrastructure. Malware could be spread from various resources that are associated with IT structure. SaaS damages can be devastating for an organization as they often come at the cost of losing customers. 
  • Retention policies: Every SaaS platform has a limited retention period. Automatic removal of data after a particular period cannot retain data again in anyway.  
SaaS backup

SaaS platforms are not as secure as we think. Irrespective of any claims and data protection agreements made by the service provider, organizations must take appropriate security steps to protect their data from any breaches, be it on ground or on cloud. Data recovery plans must be meticulously made and tested regularly for safeguarding data on cloud. Multi-cloud environment must be adopted for better allocation of resources as cloud disaster is unforeseen and can halt the regular operations of the enterprise. By keep SaaS data backup, one can preserve critical resources, funds and goodwill in the industry. 

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