Why do you need Cloud Centre of Excellence?

Cloud Centre of excellence is a team of experts or executives in cross-functional roles who leads the organization employees through the cloud journey starting from defining the cloud objectives, cloud adoption to migration and post migration operations.  

This team establishes the cloud standards and repeatable methods and processes that every employee in the organization needs to use for leveraging maximum from the cloud.  

The team creates CCOE framework for aligning every department of the organization and increasing the benefits the organization can gain from the cloud. The CCOE team is responsible for developing the right cloud adoption framework, IT infrastructure governance and employing the best practices in the organization.  

CCOE helps in auditing and assessing the existent standards of governance and processes based on ITIL to address the cloud challenges faced by organization employees and provide continuous support to the stakeholders. 

The CCOE team  

  • Decides the cloud policy of the organization 
  • Guides on choosing of cloud provider for the organization 
  • Ratifies the timeline for cloud adoption  
  • Provides support for the solution architecture 
  • Manages outcomes and risks of cloud 
  • Communicates about the progress and implementations of cloud to stakeholders 
  • Develop the cloud governance framework 
  • Select the governance tools for risk management 
  • Works for workload placement 
  • Manage and decide cloud usage and plans for scaling 
  • Align the cloud offerings with the organizational strategy 
  • Handles and documents cloud adoption, migration and implementation knowledge 
  • Work together with the sourcing team for contract negotiations 
  • Undertakes vendor management 
  • Implement best practices for implementing the cloud 
  • Collaborates with cross-functional teams of the organization for cloud management 
  • Trains and instructs organization teams on using cloud-based applications in a manner that yields maximum productivity and minimum errors or downtime 

Cloud migration is no mean feat and CCOE helps in smoothening the journey to cloud and attain the desired objectives. They act as the glue in cloud migration project between vendors, cloud specialists, management and teams for effective cloud implementation. 

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