Top Cloud Mistakes That Will Cost Dearly

Top Cloud Mistakes to avoid for a Successful Migration

Cloud computing is complex which requires extreme attention at every step. Though most of the things are automated but still monitoring overall processes is necessary. Here are top cloud mistakes listed below that can lead to disaster. 

  1. Imprecise assessment of organizational needs 

Earlier organizations used to keep an additional budget for on-premises maintenance during unforeseen situations.  Similarly, after cloud migration, they must keep an extra budget for future cloud consumption in case workload increases.  Utilization of resources must be analysed and expenditure on current infrastructure must be estimated to avoid any calamity. 

  1. Restrict access to sensitive data 

Pandemic situation has encouraged remote working culture, which allows data access from anywhere which often leads to data breach if proper attention is not paid. To evade any issue organizations must allow access to sensitive information to only authorized entities. 

  1. Asses organizational needs before cloud migration 

Organisations must analyse infrastructure needs before beginning the cloud migration. Selection of cloud services and applications must be according to the estimated budget and business requirements. Shifting everything on cloud is not necessary, some applications can work on compact on-premises setup. Cloud migration strategy should be made with detailed data analysis.  

  1. Address security issues  

Since, organizations are keeping maximum data and applications on cloud, it also escalates cloud clusters.  Though, cognizance regarding cloud security aspects is budding, still some security issues are unpredictable. While creating a cloud security approach, acute parts like data ruptures, account hacking, illegal access, data damage, susceptibilities of applications and infrastructure, apart from security compliance must be taken into account.  The consequences of security catastrophe are massive and organisations must not ignore the security aspects of any kind. 

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  1. Overlooking unnecessary data prior to migration 

Often unnecessary data get accumulated and saved on operating systems over a substantially long period of time that may not hold any importance to the organization any longer.  Such files, may acquire extra space on cloud after migration and organization have to pay for every bit of space they hire on cloud. Therefore, cleaning up the data before beginning the migration is necessary for an organisation. 

  1. Thorough research cannot be overlooked 

Before adopting any cloud technology, organization must create an IT team that conducts a thorough research on the migration requirements and test compatibility of the stated technology with the existing applications and IT infrastructure. Industry experts must be appointed for better advice over the technology and vendor selection. Discussions between the potential vendor and the IT team must be held to make sure that all the necessities are satisfied.   

  1. Choosing a single Cloud service provider 

Instead of obtaining services from a single cloud platform, experts encourage multi-cloud infrastructure because it is customizable as and when required, suits the budget of an organization and brings benefits from different technology upgrades. 

Above listed points may cost an organization a fortune during cloud migration and the business may sink instead of uplifting due to such glitches. Therefore, it is important for every firm to give due importance to these factors throughout the cloud migration process.  

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