RPA Stats And Facts

RPA Stats and Facts

  • The RPA industry is estimated to grow from $250 million to $2.9 billion by 2021 ( Forrester) 
  • The RPA market size worldwide was valued at $1.40 billion (2019) and is estimated to be $11 billion by the year 2027. This shows 34% CAGR expansion extending from 2020 to 2027 ( Grand View Research) 
  • It is expected that the market size for collaborative robots would grow to $12 billion by the year 2025 (Markets AND Markets) 
  • The estimated potential impact economic wise of knowledge work automation is expected to be somewhere between $5 trillion to $7 trillion by 2025 
  • Employees spend at least 10-25% of their daily work time on repetitive tasks (Automation Anywhere) 
  • It is estimated that around 30% of time spent by the IT department is on doing basic low-level stuffs (Automation Anywhere)  
  • 50% of organisations spend $5 to $25 for invoice processing manually (Automation Anywhere) 
  • A protocol or rule-based process can be automated by 70-80% (Automation Anywhere) 
  • Approximately 80% of finance decision makers or leaders have already implemented RPA in the processes or are planning to implement it (Gartner**) 
  • In a Deloitte Global RPA survey, 53% of respondents agreed to have already embarked or started their RPA journey. (Deloitte Global RPA survey) 
  • In the same survey 19% of respondents agreed that they are planning RPA adoption in the next two years (Deloitte Global RPA survey) 
  • According to a Deloitte Global RPA survey, 64% of the respondents are considering RPA as an enterprise level wide corporate opportunity. 
  • According to a survey of IT leaders, 98% of the respondents agreed that for driving business benefits, automating the business processes is crucial (Automation Anywhere) 
  • According to Deloitte Global RPA survey, 78% of respondents who had already implemented RPA in their businesses are further planning to increase investment in RPA in the next three years. 
  • According to the RPA adoption and growth trends, RPA will be universally adopted in the coming five years (Deloitte Global RPA Survey) 
  • Approximately 28% of companies scaling and implementing RPA are also implementing cognitive automation. (Deloitte Global RPA Survey) 
  • Over 90% of executives at C-level reported that some levels of automation are already existing within their companies (IBM) 
  • Approximately 61% of respondents agreed that their cost reduction expectations have been met or exceeded with the implementation of RPA (Deloitte Global RPA Survey) 
  • 63% of survey participants showed inclination of having a partner for RPA implementation in their organisation. 19% of the participants showed inclination of having RPA vendors for support activities and 15% agreed to handle RPA activities internally (Deloitte Global RPA Survey) 
  • By the year 2024, it is expected that organisations will reduce their operational costs by 30% with the help of hyper automation technologies and redesigning the entire operational processes (Gartner) 
  • The payback attained by those who had implemented RPA and scaled them had been 12 months (Deloitte Global RPA Survey) 
  • 80% reduction of labour-intensive tasks can be attained with RPA (Automation Anywhere) 
  • Uipath raised a funding of $1.2 billion during 6 rounds of funding. (Crunchbase) 
  • Automation Anywhere raised a funding of $840 million in 4 rounds of funding. (Crunchbase) 
  • Blue Prism Group raised an amount of $182 million during 5 rounds of funding. (Crunchbase) 
  • Workfusion raised an amount of $180 million during 6 rounds of funding. (Crunchbase) 
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