Myths of Google Workspace

Myth 1# Google Workspace is free for companies 

You can use the trial version of Google workspace free for 14 days but after that you need to pay for getting workspace services. The google workspace charges 125 Rs per user every month for basic Business starter package to 1260 Rs per user every month for Business plus package. The free versions for business was stopped in 2012. If one has already availed the free version before 2012 and have been using it since then, they can go on availing the legacy free version. This version has reduced set of features. 

Myth 2# Security of my company data on workspace needs to be managed by me 

Google workspace security whitepaper clearly states “Security and data protection drive our organizational structure, training priorities and hiring processes. These principles shape our data center operations and technology. They’re central to our everyday operations and disaster planning, including how we address threats. They’re prioritized in the way we handle customer data. And they’re the cornerstone of our account controls, our compliance audits and the certifications we offer our customers.” 

Google is committed to protecting your data and is even compliant with GDPR regulations. In the license agreement of Google workspace, it is clearly mentioned that Google will not share your data with any third party, individuals or others unless they are ordered by Court of law or required by law enforcement agencies. So, your concerns about security of your data doesn’t hold reasons. 

Myth 3# The reseller has access to your company data 

Resellers don’t have any access to your data but only enjoy access of user administration. Moreover, you have every right to cancel the user admin access after you have migrated to Google Workspace. Resellers cant access drive or data stored at any place on Google Workspace through admin console. 

Myth 4# If I go offline, I can’t work in Google Workspace 

The truth is that you can work on Google Workspace even when you are offline. You can read, write and delete gmail messages with Gmail Offline 

You can also read, write and edit files on Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides. Google stores data in various data centres, so there is zero risk of complete shutdown of any particular site 

Myth 5# I can’t migrate from other software to Google Workspace 

You need not migrate all at once. You can allow your teams to explore the features and benefits of Google workspace and migrate in a few days or weeks by selecting your package which offers you the desired functionalities 

Myth 6# Resellers offer Google Workspace at a much higher price than Google itself 

Google workspace has same standard price for both reseller and your company. The resellers may charge more for additional services they offer like migration, support, on-site functionality checks, setting up your account, guide you on purchase license, help you in billing, training and so on. Here the distributors set their own prices for additional services provided. 

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